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Inside a project manager’s resume

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Are you interested in a career as a project manager? If so, it’s easy to understand why. Project managers are in demand in virtually every industry, and project manager salaries are steadily on the rise around the globe. Whether you’re a recent college grad or a seasoned professional, a project management position can be a doorway to a highly rewarding, highly satisfying long-term career.

The Road to a Project Management Career
One of the most appealing things about project management as a career is that many paths can lead to the same destination. The project manager role requires such a broad range of skills that Inside a Project Manager’s Resume, Planview AdaptiveWorkthere are no hard and fast rules about what you need to do to become a project manager. You can build your project management resume by picking up technical skills in an entry-level position, by proving yourself as a people manager, by earning a project manager certification, or through many other routes. And the timing is up to you—you can decide to pursue a career in project management when you’re fresh out of school, or after you’ve been working for two decades and are ready for a new challenge.

Though there’s no magic formula for achieving success as a project manager because most employers look for a combination of industry knowledge and project management skills when evaluating candidates for a project manager role. If you are a recent grad, you may need to spend a few years in your chosen industry before you can reasonably expect to be considered for a project management position. If you already have a wealth of industry experience, be sure to brush up on your general project management skills like budget management, time management and using cloud project management software before you apply for a role as a project manager.

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Searching for Project Management Role
Before you start submitting your project manager resume for open positions, consider getting a project management certification. Having credentials like “PMP” after your name can drastically improve your chances of landing a project management job, especially in industries where there’s an influx of qualified project managers seeking employment. Typically, these certifications require that you document your past project management experience and pass a written examination, so don’t rush in to the certification process before you’re ready, especially if you’re relatively new to the world of project management.

When it’s time to send your resume, be sure that you’re describing your experience in the most favorable light. Your management resume should provide details about specific projects that you have worked on or managed, and it should highlight your ability to work across functional areas, deliver on tight timelines, and keep your projects in good budgetary shape. Be prepared to speak about specific situations where you excelled at project management, and have references on hand just in case.

Last but not least, be sure to include your experience with project management software on your resume. As project management becomes a more dynamic and collaborative process, employers are paying extra attention to candidates who can use the latest tools. Familiarity with an advanced project management application like Planview AdaptiveWork can help you stand out from the crowd.

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