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Quick Edit and Interactive Dashboards for Changepoint PPM

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Quick Edit and Interactive Dashboards for Changepoint PPM

We are excited to announce new and enhanced features in Changepoint PPM. These updates are part of our commitment to continuously provide new features to improve your PPM experience.

Quick Edit

We heard the feedback in our Idea Greenhouse loud and clear – this new feature gives users the ability to edit the fields for individual workspaces from the Projects Tab and easily edit across a project with minimal clicks. We added a new option called 'Edit Fields' in the Actions menu for all workspaces. Clicking on 'Edit Fields' opens a modal where users can edit most of the workspaces's profile and status fields.  

Interactive Dashboards

For customers that have already migrated to the new Changepoint Analytics platform, you will now have the ability to add interactive dashboards to your main PPM dashboard. 

In addition to these updates, you'll notice some visual and functional changes to Changepoint PPM. As we announced late last year, Changepoint has introduced new descriptive names to identify our core solutions. You will now start to see some of our in-product names and logos being updated to reflect this change.

Where the product once read 'Daptiv,' it will now say Changepoint PPM. You may also see more prominent placements of our new logo and favicon to help you identify Changepoint products. The full name update will continue to roll out slowly, so you may still see 'Daptiv' on some web pages and materials as we complete the updates. 

Changepoint Logo

CP email logo


Changepoint Favicon


Any current customers that have questions about these new features, please contact your Customer Success Manager. If you're searching for a new PPM provider – download our PPM Buyer's Guide to get started today. 


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