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Published By Team AdaptiveWork

It’s not difficult to find cloud-based project management software vendors touting their product’s “exceptional” integration capacity. However, enterprises that put this claim to the test often end up with a different verdict: instead of exceptional, they’re obliged to label the integration as exasperating.

Planview AdaptiveWork Integrated Project Management

While this scenario is frustrating, costly and surprisingly common, it’s not inevitable. Enterprises can get rapid time-to-value and reap ongoing results by choosing a SaaS work management solution that delivers exceptional integration in five areas:

  1. Out-of-the-Box Integration: the solution must support fast and easy out-of-the-box integration with a full range of legacy systems and processes, such as Salesforce, Box, JIRA, Google Drive, Intaact, Intuit Quickbooks, browsers (tools and apps), MuleSoft SSO (OneLogin, Okta, SiteMinder, ADFS, PingIdentity), and so on.
  2. Add-on Apps: The solution must offer a library of add-on apps and integrations for various segments and use cases, along with pre-built project request forms and automatic processes that can be used as auto-assign task managers.
  3. Custom Integrations: The solution must feature a robust open API that allows enterprises to create custom applications. What’s more, the API must support both REST and SOAP protocols based on variables such as bandwidth and resource availability, whether operations are stateless, if the application needs a guaranteed level of security, if rigid exchange format specifications are required, and so on.
  4. Excellent Documentation: The solution must offer complete, accessible and up-to-date documentation to guide developers, and rapidly give them the answers and use cases they need.
  5. Expert Support: The solution must be backed by responsive team of customer success experts who provide two types of support: business advice to help executives and project managers discover what’s possible, and technical advice for development teams so they can bring these possibilities to life efficiently and effectively.

The Bottom Line
Enterprises need all of the above from their cloud-based project management solution to accelerate time to value, travel shortest path to KPI improvements and ROI, and drive ongoing business gains. That means “exceptional” integration cannot be an empty promise. It must be a reliable and rewarding asset.

Clarizen: Class-Leading Integration
Planview AdaptiveWork’s class-leading integration delivers all of the above, and is trusted by leading enterprises worldwide. To learn more, start a free 30-day test drive today.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork