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Enterprise Architecture

What Are the Benefits of an Enterprise Architecture Framework?

When it comes to an enterprise architecture framework, there are a wide range available to use. Horizontal ones such as TOGAF or Zachman, and vertically flavoured ones such as eTOM for the telecoms industry and BIAN for the banking industry. In all cases, they are useful and can provide value, but in every case, they...

Enterprise Architecture, Project Portfolio Management

Why and How Enterprise Architecture and the PMO Should Work Together Better

Enabling and ensuring that organisations are delivering against their corporate strategy is the common goal for both enterprise architecture and the PMO, but both seem to be missing the goal, and executives agree. A 2014 survey by The Economist suggested executives believe that activities that support their strategy goals are vital. But 60% of them...

Enterprise Architecture

What Every CIO Wants to Know About Enterprise Architecture – But Is Too Afraid to Ask

The relationship between enterprise architecture and the CIO has always been difficult. Depending on the background of the CIO, they typically either throw up their hands in horror or relegate the enterprise architecture team to focusing on IT architecture. Usually it is not because they don’t understand the value of enterprise architecture, but because they...

Enterprise Architecture

Building the Business Case for Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture in and of itself has no real value. The value of enterprise architecture is in supporting and enabling the business activities of an organization. This may seem obvious but, over the years I have seen countless enterprise architects fail to get budget for their initiatives or tools. In some cases, teams are disbanded...