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Innovation Management

Innovation Currency: Banking on the Wisdom of the Crowd

As the banking sector undergoes continual reform, its leaders are bracing themselves for job cuts they suspect will occur over the next three years. Stakeholders will most likely be taking an introspective look at existing challenges, and trying to find new customer propositions that will improve digital banking and reinvent the customer experience. Empowering the...

Innovation Management

Engaging in Real-Time Collaborative Innovation: From Share of Mind to Share of Market

A couple of weeks ago, a favorite client of mine approached me about facilitating a Rapid Spigit at his office. This client, a strong advocate for the practice of collaborative innovation as a means of helping his organization find meaning in trends, wanted to pursue a Rapid Spigit to give his colleagues a “taste” while engaging...

Innovation Management

Measuring the Practice of Collaborative Innovation: What’s Your Story?

Last week, a Spigit user sought my view on measurement. He pursues his practice in a global, multi-brand enterprise, and wanted to know how he might measure his practice of collaborative innovation. My perspective? We tell a story by how and what we measure, and we can weave that tale in many different ways. We start...

Innovation Management

Engaging Your Sales Organization in Collaborative Innovation

As a practice leader at Mindjet, I get to see the many creative, thoughtful ways in which clients apply their practice of collaborative innovation with their stakeholders. Here, I share with you a compelling scenario on which I engaged a client. You may find their approach useful as a way to extend your own practice...

Innovation Management

Getting Down and Dirty with a Story on Collaborative Innovation

Editor’s Note: Last fall, our senior practice leader Doug Collins began a story about the fictional Dirty Maple Flooring Company. How do they embrace the practice of collaborative innovation as a way to solve critical business problems in the Digital Age? The episodesappear bi-weekly on Doug reflects here on how his work with Mindjet clients...

Innovation Management

Driving Innovation Initiatives Through Mobile Technology

Twenty years ago, businesses seeking to drive innovation initiatives had a limited number of touch points to consider, and few technology options. Back then, the majority of customer interactions involved one of three scenarios: face-to-face in a retail store or corporate office; over the telephone; or, in writing delivered via snail mail. Fast forward to...

Innovation Management

Open Innovation: Inspiring Collaboration in the UN

Early last year, our partners at UNHCR told me about their new venture to employ the Spigit online platform. Invited to carry out a review of the pilot-run for the platform, I was excited to learn more about how they were trying to use an

Innovation Management

Two Ingredients for Pursuing Externally Focused Innovation

Organizations increasingly seek new forms of innovation—and, for themselves, transformation—by engaging in co-creation with the suppliers, clients, and consumers that comprise their value streams. What insights might be gained from organizations that have begun to realize their potential for leadership by embracing openness as a core element of their charter? In this article innovation architect...

Enterprise Agile Planning

Using Kanban in the Classroom

Introduction by LeanKit COO Jon Terry Many of you may know our next guest blogger, Patty Beidleman, from Twitter, where she’s well known in the Lean/Kanban community as @topsurf. She’s been a friend and inspiration for us at LeanKit since the early, early days of the company. We’ve been impressed by her passion for improving education through...