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Top 10 Innovation Links for the Week of 1.8.16

Published By Guest Blogger

Happy New Year, readers! Welcome to the first 2016 weekly roundup of innovation links, where we feature a carefully curated selection of our favorite content on innovation, crowdsourcing, and more from around the web.

Here are this week’s top 10 new discoveries.

1. A New Blueprint for Collaborative Innovation

Who it’s from: Doug Collins

The skinny: Chief innovation officers, leaders of innovation programs, and people who seek transformative change for their organizations should definitely be reading the Dirty Maple story and applying the blueprint to their own situations. It’s a great “on-boarding resource” for people new to of collaborative innovation. 

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2. That Sudden Surge Within the Crowd

Who it’s from: Paul Hobcraft

The skinny: These days, crowdsourcing is used to tackle social issues, global concerns, and questions that need a greater diversity of opinions and engagement. But how exactly can you break through the noise and reach the crowd? 

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3. 26 Disruptive Tech Trends for the Rest of the Decade

Who it’s from: Brian Solis

The skinny: Brian Solis explores some of the disruptive trends that are affecting pretty much everything over the next few years. But it’s not just about the tech itself; this report is also organized by socioeconomic and technological impact. 

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4. Global Gamification Market 2015-2016

Who it’s from: Badgeville

The skinny: Gamification is the use of game mechanics to drive user engagement. At Spigit, it’s is an important part of our product, and we’ve seen tremendous improvements in customers’ employee engagement as a result. Curious about the global enterprise gamification market in 2015 – 2019? Read this report from Badgeville. <

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5. Killer Innovations Podcast: 5 Innovation Blindspots that killed Nokia and Kodak

Who it’s from: Phil McKinney

The skinny: Phil McKinney is THE innovation podcast guy. He’s an award-winning innovator of technologies and products used by millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. In this podcast, he talks about the lessons learned from Nokia and Kodak’s innovation journey. 

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6. TEDx Berkeley: The Art of Innovation

Who it’s from: Guy Kawasaki

The skinny: Guy Kawasaki has been a chief evangelist/advisor at Canva, Apple, and Google. In this TED talk, he shares his own best practices and provides tips on what it means to implement the art of innovation. 

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7. Re-framing Innovation: How Iteration Really Does Transform Fear of Failure

Who it’s from: Mukesh Gupta

The skinny: One of the biggest hurdles to fostering a culture of innovation is fear of failure. But what if you could reframe failure on the journey to innovation success? 

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8. The Innovation Expedition: A Visual Toolkit to Start Innovation

Who it’s from: Gijs Van Wulfen

The skinny: Gijs draws parallels between mankind’s greatest expeditions and modern day innovation. If you take anything out of this toolkit, it should be this: you cannot innovate alone! Wise words from Gijs van Wulfen – a LinkedIn150 Influencer and Top 40 Innovation Blogger of 2013. 

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9. Surviving the Innovation Danger Zone from MetLife’s Chief Innovation Officer John Geyer

Who it’s from: Innovation Enterprise

The skinny: MetLife — one of Spigit’s most well-known customers — explores an approach that helps put structure and measurement around innovation ROI, thereby helping to avoid the perils of the innovation “danger zone.” 

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10. Grow Like Flo in 2016: Taking the Lead from Progressive’s Crowdsourced Innovation Program

Who it’s from: Spigit

The skinny: Find out how Progressive Insurance became masters at crowdsourced innovation by clarifying who their audience was, creating a clear set of objectives, developing a robust plan, and choosing the best innovation tool to support the process.

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