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Project Portfolio Management

Why You Need Both PPM and Agile – Part 2

In part one of my two-part blog series, I highlight 3 of the 7 reasons why Agile and PPM are not mutually exclusive. By using both Agile and Project Portfolio Management (PPM), you can make your business more nimble and competitive. With Agile,…

Project Portfolio Management

7 Reasons Why You Need Both PPM and Agile

For the PMO, the pressure is on to reduce planning time, adapt to market demands and changes, and deliver the best projects within budget. But is management really asking you to morph into a scrum master, or simply embrace an agile framework?…

Project Portfolio Management

4 Reasons to Establish an Adaptable PMO and Continuous Planning

Your customers expect immediate responses to their demands. Your executive team expects a budgeted plan for costs, value, and capacity that can be measured with accuracy to speed up decisions when there is a need to adapt to change.  Adaptive…

Project Portfolio Management

Make the Right Strategic Decisions on Your Project Portfolio

If your organization has been busy managing a portfolio of projects, you should already be aware that the traditional annual planning cycle hinders adaptability of effectively managing the portfolio in today’s continually changing market.…

Project Portfolio Management

Stop Working on Projects That Are Not Priority

Projects still remain the vehicle for executing on strategy. Even if the current pressures facing executives around strategy are ignored, and assuming strategy remains unchanged, project failure rates will continue to remain alarmingly…

Project Portfolio Management

American Airlines Flying Higher with Investment and Capacity Planning

Merging organizations is never easy – especially when the end-result is the world’s largest airline with 120,000 employees and 554,000 daily passengers. This was the challenge American Airlines faced when they merged with US Airways…Spreadshee…

Project Portfolio Management

Move Beyond Tedious Spreadsheets Toward Continuous Planning [Infographic]

When it comes to the annual IT planning process, IT organizations are facing a real struggle. In fact, 85 percent of IT leaders say changes are being made to the annual plan several times a year, according to a recent poll. (See my previous…