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4 Reasons to Establish an Adaptable PMO and Continuous Planning

Published By Carina Hatfield
4 Reasons to Establish an Adaptable PMO and Continuous Planning

Your customers expect immediate responses to their demands. Your executive team expects a budgeted plan for costs, value, and capacity that can be measured with accuracy to speed up decisions when there is a need to adapt to change.  Adaptive cultures don’t come easily.  Does your organization have a mindset to drive innovation… fast? Maybe it’s time the establish an adaptable PMO and evolve how they evaluate and innovate as opportunities emerge.

Often, traditional project management tends to hinder adaptability for anything beyond tasks and processes.

In the on-demand webcast, Power Your PMO with the Adaptive Enterprise, I sat down with author, keynote speaker, and change architect, Stephen Parry, at Lloyd Parry International and discussed how to establish a flexible PMO that adjusts to the needs of the business and external forces.

Webcast: Power Your PMO with Adaptive Enterprise

Here are some of the high-level benefits (from the webcast) of engaged and adaptable PMO teams:

  1. Ability to self-organize, making better and faster decisions
  2. Improved responsiveness with greater control
  3. Executive confidence; PMOs partner with the business to become the change-maker
  4. Work can be broken into smaller increments with shortened planning horizons

By empowering the PMO to quickly adapt to change, your organization can promote collaboration, drive value for customers, and establish differentiation for long-term prosperity.

Annual planning and cumbersome project lifecycles are no longer enough to meet these challenges. How can the organization achieve such benefits without giving up planning? Register for the on-demand webcast, Power Your PMO with the Adaptive Enterprise, to learn how to achieve such benefits. Stephen and I offer tangible ways to help you get started.

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Written by Carina Hatfield Director, Product Management

Carina Hatfield always has a plan. Throughout the years, she has improved her ability to respond and re-prioritize for new ideas and unplanned events. She followed her original plan of becoming a CPA going into budgeting, forecasting, and strategic planning until a new idea was prioritized and she took on the opportunity to join Planview. After six years of implementing Planview Enterprise to help organizations improve their strategic, forecasting, and planning processes, Carina has taken that experience and applied it to her role in Product Management.