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Enterprise Architecture

Doing the Right Things, the Right Way – with Expert Colin Scott

Whether you welcome it or hate it, change typically comes with a unique set of challenges. In the most recent “Ask the Expert” webcast, Colin Scott introduced the idea of active inertia. He talked about how the apparent resistance to change…

Enterprise Architecture

EA Planning: Developing a Common Framework and Language

When three groups with diverging interests and vocabularies come together for enterprise architecture planning, it is easy to miscommunicate when trying to prioritize expectations, issues and objectives. I’m delighted to have the opportunity…

Enterprise Architecture

Doing the Right Things, the Right Way -With Expert Dr. Collin Scott

The esteemed host of our Ask the Expert Series, Colin Scott is a financial services technology executive with more than 25 years as a leader in the industry. Colin has worked with number of enterprise-wide development projects focused on improving…

Enterprise Architecture

Lost in Translation: Why EA Teams Must Speak the Language of Business

Sometimes, perception is reality. Consider your Enterprise Architecture (EA) team – respected for their technical savvy, the EA team makes sure IT systems run smoothly so the business can rapidly implement new strategies. EA teams play…

Enterprise Architecture

Nine Tips for Continuous Application Portfolio Management Improvement

Dramatic short-term cost reductions is usually what comes to mind when discussing Application Portfolio Management (APM). Yes, APM is about pinpointing which applications you need, which ones you don’t, and how to safely remove redundant…

Enterprise Architecture

Achieving Best-in-Class Technology Portfolio Management

Invest, divest, and standardize – these are common themes when it comes to Technology Portfolio Management (TPM). While TPM is all about enabling the business to change as fast and often as possible, it can be difficult to measure the ROI of…

Enterprise Architecture

Letting the Business Drive Your Enterprise Architecture

It’s not easy explaining the value of enterprise architecture (EA) to the business – sometimes you feel like you’re speaking two different languages. One way to communicate the advantages of EA is through business capability maps. Capability…