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Achieving Best-in-Class Technology Portfolio Management

Three trends to reduce IT cost and risk

Published By Ashlee Motola
Achieving Best-in-Class Technology Portfolio Management

Invest, divest, and standardize – these are common themes when it comes to Technology Portfolio Management (TPM). While TPM is all about enabling the business to change as fast and often as possible, it can be difficult to measure the ROI of technology standardization and governing projects.

In fact, successful technology portfolio programs are moving beyond these basic tasks. In his new blog, Jeff Ellerbee, Solution Marketing Manager for Troux, points out three trends that are altering the IT landscape:

  1. Focus on the business – Tie business conversations to technology rather than having technology conversations about the business. By providing business options that can be executed immediately, ROI is linked to the outcome of the business change itself.
  2. Manage software – Treat business software as a first-class resource that has its own lifespan and requires management. Plan ahead for required upgrades to create roadmaps that match features and capabilities against strategic initiatives.
  3. Put standards into context – Evaluate standards in business terms rather as inflexible rules. You can also create design patterns for predictable implementation and running costs.

I invite you to read the entire blog now to learn how to shift standardization without sacrificing innovation to create a best-in-class TPM program.  If you would like to hear Jeff discuss TPM in more detail, watch his recent webcast “How to Achieve Best-in-Class TPM.”

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Written by Ashlee Motola

Ashlee is responsible for creating awareness and educating industry leaders on how they can make better decisions faster with Troux. She has worked with the Troux product for over 8 years, and is thrilled to now be part of the Planview family. Ashlee is Austin born and raised, and received her BA in Marketing from Abilene Christian University.