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Letting the Business Drive Your Enterprise Architecture

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Published By Ashlee Motola
Letting the Business Drive Your Enterprise Architecture

It’s not easy explaining the value of enterprise architecture (EA) to the business – sometimes you feel like you’re speaking two different languages. One way to communicate the advantages of EA is through business capability maps.

Capability maps allow you to put business needs in the driver’s seat and show how EA aligns to the business’ strategies and outcomes. That’s the word from Marc Georg, Troux Solutions Evangelist latest blog titled How to Let Business Needs Drive Your Enterprise Architecture shares:

  • How successful customers roll out application portfolio rationalizations or governance standards
  • Why you should tie use cases to multiple portfolios
  • How to effectively leverage Capability Maps to engage the business

I encourage you to read the complete version on the Troux blog. If you find this information compelling, you also might be interested in this webinar , How to Let Business Needs Drive Your Enterprise Architecture,with Forrester Research Director Alex Cullen. During the webinar we take a deeper look at best practices and how capability maps provide a strong foundation to align with the needs of the business.

Photo by: Konstantinos Kazantzoglou

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Written by Ashlee Motola

Ashlee is responsible for creating awareness and educating industry leaders on how they can make better decisions faster with Troux. She has worked with the Troux product for over 8 years, and is thrilled to now be part of the Planview family. Ashlee is Austin born and raised, and received her BA in Marketing from Abilene Christian University.