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Moving from a Ticket System to Agile Marketing Methods

Q&A part 1: Improving visibility and performance

Moving from a Ticket System to Agile Marketing Methods

So many marketers are struggling with trying to manage their myriad of projects, efficiently. With so many involved, communication can lack. As a marketer myself, I can relate. We have so much to accomplish, and with very high standards. Communicating with stakeholders (often remote or in different time zones) via email and managing projects on spreadsheets is no longer realistic in our dynamic business environment.

This is where better technology comes in – or more specifically – where agile marketing methods can take you from fighting fires to better overall project and work delivery and communication. Jason Morio, Projectplace Segment Manager, recently published the first of a three-part interview series with Ryan Doherty, Planview Marketing Director.

In Part 1, they discuss how Planview marketing moved from a ticket system that provided little visibility to using an agile marketing approach. This is a prime example of the challenges marketing organizations are facing. Some of the questions covered include:

  • How can you set priorities and effectively communicate with up to 150 requests in a ticketing system without agile marketing methods?
  • What processes and templates did you use and reject during your waterfall method of planning?
  • What are the advantages and improvements you’ve seen since embracing an agile marketing approach?

I appreciate this story because the challenges are not unfamiliar to me, and if you’re a marketer I think you will relate as well. Discover why choosing agile marketing and the right technology solution could improve the way your marketing organization functions.

I’d like to hear from you. What methods is your marketing organization using to communicate with stakeholders and deliver project on time? Share by leaving a comment below.

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Nikki Glaser
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Nikki Glaser is responsible for developing awareness and driving demand for Planview’s project collaboration software, Projectplace. Nikki has been involved in many different roles including marketing programs, events, integrated marketing and demand generation that have helped her develop into the modern marketer she is today. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in Advertising.