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Agile Marketing Techniques: SCRUM, Retrospectives, Sprint Planning

Part 2: Agile methods that work

Agile Marketing Techniques: SCRUM, Retrospectives, Sprint Planning

For a marketing team, transitioning to agile methods can be intimidating. There’s a lot to consider including change management. You can foresee the benefits of breaking work into smaller segments and phases for better collaboration, visibility, and prioritization, but how do you get started with agile marketing techniques?

In marketing, change happens all too often, but work still needs to get done. Marketing organizations need to be able to shift and prioritize as change happens – it’s the nature of our business. If you are a marketer like I am, I think you will benefit from reading this interview. In Part 1 of our 3-part blog series, Jason Morio, Projectplace Segment Manager interviews Ryan Doherty, Planview Marketing Director about why the Planview Marketing team moved from a ticket system to agile marketing. In Part 2, Ryan reveals how the team benefitted from adopting an agile approach and the processes they put in place to ensure success. Ryan answers questions like:

  • How did you get your team started with the transition/change management of agile marketing?
  • How often did you conduct Sprints and Review, Retrospective, and Planning meetings?
  • How did you adjust your process with the team along the way to better accommodate any suggestions for improvements?
  • How did the process evolve to a point where you now have greater visibility and can adjust priorities daily to meet new challenges?

Read the complete Q&A and discover the benefits of agile marketing and collaboration.

I’d like to hear from you. Are you thinking about switching to an agile marketing approach? What steps are you taking to improve adoption among your team? Is the interview helpful? Share by leaving comment below.

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Nikki Glaser
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Nikki Glaser is responsible for developing awareness and driving demand for Planview’s project collaboration software, Projectplace. Nikki has been involved in many different roles including marketing programs, events, integrated marketing and demand generation that have helped her develop into the modern marketer she is today. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in Advertising.