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The old planning tool is nearing retirement

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It’s part of the product life-cycle to develop new parts of the system and retire old ones. We have, over the last few years, developed and released a new suite of planning tools in the form of:

  • an omnipresent timeline where you can follow the progress of the project and get an overview of all the milestones
  • plan where the project management can detail the activities in a WBS structure and Gantt view with dependencies
  • the daily work organised on Kanban boards where cards can be connected to activities in the plan.

With this in place it is time for us to start thinking about retirement for our old planning tool, Tasks. At the moment we still support those of our customers who use Tasks but eventually this support will be withdrawn. The level of support currently is that we fix things if there is no viable workaround for the users. We do not, however, develop any new features or recommend customers to start using Tasks in new projects. We also can not guarantee that Tasks will work in modern web browsers since it predates them.

If you are looking to do your planning in Projectplace, please check out the current tools of Plan and Boards as your primary choice. We welcome questions, feedback and ideas in our community ProjectPlace Ideas

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