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A Global Collaborative Work Management Blueprint [Video]

Published By Steve Maisel


There is almost no product, company, or organization that isn’t connected globally. A global network of resources provides us the ability to work around the clock with a diverse set of tools and people to develop one final product or solution. But in the process, it’s easy to become disconnected in the absence of collaborative work management.

Disparate resources, departments, budgets, and suppliers have created a world where organizations must change the way they collaborate, share data, and engage employees across geographies so that projects are completed correctly and on time.

It’s critical for employees to take ownership of their work while communicating and creating synergies across boundaries to take advantage of diverse insights and avoid duplication and misunderstandings. With the right collaborative work management solution, these struggles disappear, as everyone is better connected and able to collaborate in one place, despite being geographically dispersed.

Planview collaborative work management

In the above video, Zach McDowell, Planview Director of Customer Growth, explains how the right solution can provide everything you and your dispersed teams need to manage group projects and complete daily tasks.

Project portfolio management integrates Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and interactive communication tools to unlock greater collaboration and visibility into strategic initiatives. In the process, it further unites siloed groups that feed into your PPM for a truly collaborative effort across the entire team.

Check out the video here and let us know if you’d like to discuss how to help your organization build a blueprint to global collaborative work management. For more information, be sure to download the eBook, “Accidental Project Manager: Real-World ProjectPlace Use Cases.”

Accidental Project Manager Real-World ProjectPlace  Use Cases

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Written by Steve Maisel Content Marketing Manager

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