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Project Managers: How to Believe in Yourself More

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Confidence at work has a direct correlation with your ability to be a successful project manager. Experience and understanding of project management methodologies are also all necessary competences, but without the confidence to back yourself and put these things to use, you won’t be making the most of them.

If you feel that you could do with more self-support but don’t know how to improve confidence in yourself then fear not, here we’ve gathered some of the best tips for helping you to believe in yourself more.

How to Improve Confidence in Yourself as a Project Manager

Focus on your strengths

When managing a project, it can be quite easy to feel inadequate when talking with different team members who have better skills in their specific areas. The key is to focus on what you are actually bringing to the table, your project management abilities, without those the project would not be able to proceed as necessary. Realize that you are the glue that brings all of those skills together and allows them to flourish.

Work on your weaknesses

That being said, there are always things which you can work on to improve within your own sphere. There are lots of great courses and certifications out there for project managers looking to boost their skills, working on one can easily give you newfound confidence at work.

Accept criticism proactively

Criticism can be one of the most positive things you can receive to improve your skills, even though it can also harm your confidence. It’s important to trust the person who is giving it to you, to reflect on it objectively and see if there is something you can do to improve your approach.

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Challenge yourself

If you don’t feel like you’ve actually achieved anything it can be hard to big yourself up. By setting yourself personal goals and objectives and striving to make them happen, you can boost your own opinion about how well you are doing at work.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

Every team is going to have a range of different skills and talents at its disposal. As a project manager it can be easy to look inwards and question why you aren’t as good as Peter or Jane at x, y or z but that’s often not your role. Being a good project manager is tough enough, don’t be afraid to give other tasks to people who are better trained to do them, it doesn’t reflect anything about how competent you are at your role.

Track your successes

Keep note of the victories, however small, in your professional life, such as hitting a milestone a week before it was due, exceeding expectations by 15% or getting a commendation from a client. These things can feel great and boost our confidence in the moment, but they can also be powerful to look back on when we’re not feeling the most confident to prove that you are actually successful at your job.

Seek a positive mentor

The people we surround ourselves with have a big impact on our confidence at work. While you may not always have a choice in your immediate company, i.e. your team and more senior staff members, it is possible to choose who you turn to for advice. Finding a positive mentor, someone who’s not afraid to tell it how it is but also to tell you what you’re doing right and to work with you to improve your skills can give you great confidence in how you are performing.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork