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Project Management Software: Chaotic Ways of Working [Video]

Work smarter, not harder

Published By Leyna O’Quinn
Project Management Software: Chaotic Ways of Working [Video]

Game plans—they’re crucial in any sport. Take football for example. The center must snap the ball to the quarterback; the quarterback must pass the ball off to the running back, who runs the ball or passes it off to a receiver; the fullback must protect both the running back and quarterback, and so on. Each member of the team is crucial to the game, yet without a coach to set up plays and run drills during practice, they would never score a touchdown. The coach plays a similar role to that of project managers, for without proper technology to oversee their teams’ work or practice, they may be easily blindsided. For the project manager, this is where ProjectPlace comes into play, and this blog’s featured project management software video explains how.

Watch the video: Work Smarter Not Harder

Video: ProjectPlace  Presents Chaotic Ways of Working

Tackle Your Next Project With the Right Technology

When it comes to completing a project, teams need to be able to work together seamlessly. This requires proper methods of communication and visibility into individual workloads, to ensure work is being assigned to the right people—you don’t want one person to be overloaded, while another has too much free time. Yet, streamlining this process can become frustrating and seem impossible when everyone has different communication methods, workloads, and are operating with too many tools.

To avoid the chaos, project leaders need one place to help teams:

  • Manage workloads;
  • Streamline communication;
  • Collaborate easily

Teams can achieve all the above with collaborative work management. They will no longer have to fumble with too many tools and communication methods that cause important work to be unintentionally sidelined. Plus, for the project manager, this makes life a whole lot easier. Having access to one platform in which every step of a project is visible, as well as the productivity of each team member, helps clarify how close the team is to reaching its goals. This way, project managers can ensure completion of their team’s project will be a touchdown.

To learn more about how collaborative work management can help you better manage the chaos, watch the project management software video, ProjectPlace Presents Chaotic Ways of Working. It’s a relatable example for product leaders and team members alike. How are you currently managing collaboration in your organization?

Leave a comment below, or share how project management software has helped your team achieve its goals.

Content Contributor: Hayley Eubanks

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Written by Leyna O’Quinn Sr. Content Strategist

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