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Make Better Decisions with these Collaborative Work Management Reporting Features

Published By Leyna O’Quinn
Make Better Decisions with these Collaborative Work Management Reporting Features

Collaborative work management software isn’t just about communicating more effectively with your team. It’s also about having access to information that will help you make the best, most informed decisions about projects and team members while adjusting to incoming demand.  If you are looking for a collaborative work management solution, make sure it has these decision-making features:

Get the bigger picture with an all-in-one collaboration tool

Features that Promote Informed Decision Making

  1. Kanban and Cards
    As the manager of the project, you need to be able to visualize workflow. Kanban boards provide a highly visual representation of the workflow, where each task is represented by a card. Team members drag and drop cards in columns to designate status and stage of the workflow.  This view gives you the ability to see the status of work at-a-glance for an up-to-date perspective on the health of a project and provides greater understanding around status and potential roadblocks so you can communicate and course correct as needed.Make better business decisions using the right collaboration tool
  2. Workload Management
    You need a complete picture of work in progress to quickly answer questions like: What are resources working on; Are we going to make the deadline? With the ability visualize work in progress including overdue, ongoing, and future tasks you can help your team get organized and stay ahead of schedule.
  1. Cumulative Flow, Cycle Time, Visuals, and Reports
    Look for a work collaboration tool with exportable and shareable reporting features. Cumulative flow charts help teams stay focused and organized by tracking the tasks that are planned, finished, or ongoing. The tool should also be able to communicate the amount of time that it takes to finish a project from beginning to end by tracking the card’s movement through the columns.

Learn more about making better business decisions using the right collaboration tool, download the whitepaper: Make Better Business Decisions Using the Right Collaboration Tool.

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Content Contributor: Callie Gilmore

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Written by Leyna O’Quinn Sr. Content Strategist

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