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Planview Planview IdeaPlace Launches Microsoft Power BI Analytics

Track and report the holistic value of your innovation program with new analytics and visualization capabilities.

Published By Gareth Bradley

Demonstrating the value of your crowdsourcing program is fundamental to creating, growing, and ultimately sustaining engagement, as well as securing funding. Across the innovation funnel, you can measure the ROI of your program through a variety of metrics, ranging from employee engagement to revenue to cost savings of ideas implemented. It’s important that you have a way to configure, visualize, and present the holistic value you are delivering to your organization.

Planview IdeaPlace’s Power BI solution provides an overview for each challenge so you can easily demonstrate progress to all stakeholders.

According to our latest State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report, while only 26% of respondents track the total value generated by their crowdsourcing program, 56% of respondents do plan to track it in the future. That’s why we are excited to announce that Planview Planview IdeaPlace’s analytics engine, Insights, is now powered by Microsoft Power BI.

With Power BI’s powerful analytics and visualization capabilities, your team can discover data insights that may have been previously hidden within your crowdsourced data.

With this product release focused around reporting, Planview IdeaPlace is delivering capabilities that allow you to re-imagine the way you visualize your data at a true enterprise scale. With Microsoft Power BI embedded into Planview IdeaPlace, you can find, share, and measure meaningful insights and automate parts of your discovery process. This enables you to reduce complexity and costs associated with your analysis.

Automate discovery with reporting templates

Leverage reporting templates to set goals for an innovation challenge and track against progress.

We recognize that value is tracked in a variety of ways across the ideation and innovation funnel:

  • Challenge Activity
  • Idea Activity and Stages
  • Prioritization Stages, such as Pairwise
  • User Activity
  • Idea Incubation and Implementation

Users can leverage our detailed out-of-the-box analytics and insights to track their engagements. We’ve included seamless interactions between workflow measurement and qualitative content throughout the analytics feature. You can easily set goals and track them in a wider array of visualizations to better demonstrate progress to your program and challenge sponsors.

From the start, programs are able to get up and running with analytics much quicker with the assurance that the data visualizations are honed by our expert team.

Create customized reports with Power BI

Track how your ideas are moving through the funnel and customize reports to your organization need’s with Power Bi’s functionality.

As programs mature, the need to quickly iterate and adapt value measurement is paramount. Our solution offers Power BI’s deep analytics interactions and creation features from within the Planview IdeaPlace application through a Microsoft interface. This helps to reduce the time spent creating and iterating data visualizations as you have full control without the need to worry about APIs or deeper configuration.

Users can examine their data using a wealth of functionality. These range from new visualization options all the way through to artificial intelligence and machine learning options in the questions and natural language processing features.

Present data in new ways

Interact with the visualizations to easily dive deeper into your insights when exploring a dashboard.

The presentation of data is ever evolving. With Power BI, we are opening up new options and capabilities that put the choice at your fingertips. Navigating through your data journey at a key meeting couldn’t be easier with our analytics capabilities. Visualizations interact when data points are selected, shifting the focus for the audience and highlighting key data insights.

Export your dashboards directly from the Planview IdeaPlace interact to Powerpoint or PDF with the press of a button.

We also offer the ability to present your visualizations from the application with full interactivity between each chart. At the push of a button, share your visualizations in PowerPoint presentations and PDF formats.

Connect disparate systems with OData

Connect your incubation and implementation data into the Planview IdeaPlace platform using OData.

Of course, the identification and tracking of value doesn’t just end with the crowdsourcing programs selecting ideas. We offer OData connections that allow clients to connect data sets from Planview IdeaPlace to their pre-licensed software (i.e., Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Tableau, etc.). Leveraging crowdsourced data alongside data sets from other sources provides a wide range of flexible options for Planview Planview IdeaPlace customers.

Data combinations or “mashups” help to demonstrate the overall health of the pipeline, as well as the alignment-to-delivery tracking. This is all part of the highly configurable approach that Planview offers across its product family. Here are some examples of how customers are combining Planview IdeaPlace data using the OData connector:

  • Spigit and Customer Feedback – Combine ideas coming from your employees with data being obtained through customer feedback channels, offering insight into the voice of the customer within your organization.
  • Spigit and Project Data – Pair your ideas with the business cases for projects you are considering funding to validate the fit of the product or project with the ideas you are receiving within your Planview IdeaPlace instance.
  • Spigit and Delivery Data – Unify your entire innovation lifecycle to examine your “front of the funnel” ideas with the data from your chosen delivery system. We already offer connections to OData from Planview IdeaPlace and Projectplace, Planview’s work management solution for managing projects.
Planview IdeaPlace provides a built-in OData connection with Projectplace, Planview’s work management solution.

Find out more

Value delivery is a journey. You need the best partner possible to help you discover insights, measure value, and ultimately shine a light on your successes. That’s why we are sure that you’re just as excited as we are to embrace the power of Planview IdeaPlace’s new analytics engine with Power BI.

For more information, contact us for a customized demo. If you’re a current Planview customer, you can read more about Planview IdeaPlace’s reporting capabilities, including Power BI, in the Customer Success Center.

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Written by Gareth Bradley

Gareth Bradley is a Director Of Product Management, responsible for the Planview Spigit Product Management organization focused upon solving client problems through software. With over a decade of experience in the innovation space in both start-ups and large enterprises, during which he was focused on delivering innovation goals as a client of Spigit. He is passionate about transformations of organizations using agile processes and innovative approaches, helping our customers continue to evolve their innovation programs.