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Building a Culture of Employee-Led Innovation

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In a recent HR Technologist article, Planview IdeaPlace CEO, Scott Raskin, made the case for why companies need to get employees invested in their innovation and improvement processes – and how to do it.

At Planview IdeaPlace, our customers have seen a significant difference in how engaged their employees are when they’re able to collaborate and get involved in the company’s strategy through innovation.

As Scott points out in the article: “Keeping employees at the heart of a company’s innovation and improvement processes will keep them engaged, drive retention and increase productivity, whilst at the same time identifying new solutions to key business challenges.”

Key takeaways

Here are several key takeaways from the article:

  • Many companies are struggling to attract and retain employees that are invested in the innovation process. When employees are treated as collaborative partners, companies surface new ideas to address business challenges and increase employee engagement.
  • The number one innovation priority for businesses is to drive is a culture of innovation– this must be done from the top down, including every business discipline. When done correctly, companies can witness stronger manager/employee relationships, which accounts for 70% of employee engagement scores.
  • For a culture of innovation to have longevity, there needs to be the commitment from managers and business leaders to act on ideas.
  • To ensure that employees continue to invest in innovation, companies must be cognizant to keep their employees at the heart of improvement processes.

For any company to thrive today they need to attract, retain, and maximize the potential of their employees. Executives and HR leaders that have a strategy to get their employees invested in innovation will achieve do just this, reaping the benefits and retaining competitive edge.

Check out the HR Technologist article for more.

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