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How Crowdsourced Innovation Bolsters Employee Engagement

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Scott Raskin, CEO at Planview IdeaPlace, recently wrote an article for HR Daily Advisor that covered five key drivers for employee engagement, and how crowdsourced innovation can help.

While crowdsourced innovation is instrumental in helping companies find new growth and improvement opportunities, organizations are also recognizing the huge impact that it can have in fostering a culture of engagement and inclusion.

The reality is, traditional employee engagement tools – surveys, for example – are not effective. Billions of dollars is spent on tools, yet a significant amount of employees are still disengaged as pointed out in the article.

It’s time that HR leaders have that right solution and methodology in place to produce measurable engagement results, rather than sending yet another workplace survey.

Key takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways from the article:

  • Despite companies spending over $100 billion annually on improving employee engagement, 87% of employees remain disengaged. Traditional tools and engagement methods are missing the mark.
  • Employees are more engaged when they feel connected to their company’s direction and strategy – crowdsourced innovation communicates business goals and actively involves employees in the corporate strategy by asking them to submit and collaborate on ideas on how to reach these goals.
  • Crowdsourced innovation can be used to address other key drivers of engagement, including making progress on meaningful work, building trust and transparency, increasing connections to others and recognizing skills and contributions
  • In addition to improving engagement, encouraging the employee base to participate in crowdsourced innovation at scale enables companies to surface a larger, more diverse pool of ideas on how to solve key business challenges, which is proven to lead to better outcomes

Check out the HR Daily Advisor article for more.

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