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New Mylyn connector delivers integration nirvana for Borland StarTeam

Published By Wesley Coelho
New Mylyn connector delivers integration nirvana for Borland StarTeam

We’re pleased to announce the release of a full-featured Mylyn Connector for Borland StarTeam, a robust and scalable platform for software project and source code management. This new connector is available for both Tasktop Dev (Eclipse and Visual Studio) and Tasktop Sync and is the result of a close R&D collaboration with Borland, a Micro Focus company.

Connect StarTeam with Eclipse and Visual Studio Development

Today Borland is also announcing that StarTeam 12.0 will be released on December 16th 2011. This latest version of the platform includes a number of new capabilities that complement the new interoperability provided by the connector.

The StarTeam Mylyn connector provides integrated access to StarTeam artifacts such as tasks, defects and requirements, all from the Eclipse or Visual Studio IDE. In Eclipse, Mylyn’s task focused programming productivity capabilities are fully supported, enabling developers to recover from interruptions and view only the relevant code for a task with a single click.

StarTeam tasks and task editor

Time tracking is a painful reality for many developers but with the StarTeam connector time spent on each task is automatically tracked, making it easy for developers to adjust recorded time as needed and submit it to the StarTeam server. The StarTeam task editor also displays a chart showing when and how much time was spent on the task in the recent past.


Bi-directional task to code traceability

The new connector also seamlessly extends Borland’s existing StarTeam Eclipse Client (STEC) to group file changes on a per-task basis and automate the tedious task of writing commit comments when submitting code. The automatically generated commit comments include a link to the relevant task, which establishes traceability between the code and the relevant defect or other project management task.

Eclipse Synchronize view with StarTeam code
changes grouped by task

This connector can also automatically update StarTeam tasks with the reverse link back to the relevant code for full bi-directional traceability. To support teams in mixed ALM environments, this automated traceability can also be provided between StarTeam tasks and SCM artifacts in Microsoft TFS or Subversion.

Attach commit traces to the taskView traces in the task editor


Connect StarTeam to dozens of ALM systems with Tasktop Sync

The new StarTeam Connector is also available with Tasktop Sync, enabling instant bi-directional synchronization between StarTeam and dozens of third party ALM systems. One of the new features in StarTeam 12.0 is the introduction of Custom Components, which allows arbitrary artifacts to be defined and managed in StarTeam. Tasktop Sync takes advantage of this capability to synchronize arbitrary artifacts from third party systems with StarTeam. This ensures that each stakeholder has access to the data they need within their primary tool while making StarTeam a hub for comprehensive visibility and reporting across a diverse set of tools.

Through the Eclipse, Visual Studio, and Sync integration capabilities provided by this connector, organizations with new or existing StarTeam deployments can now enjoy a new dose of integration bliss.

The Borland StarTeam Connector is available now via Tasktop Dev Enterprise and Tasktop Sync.


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Written by Wesley Coelho