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Why Your IT Department Should Get Better at Product Management

Published By Jane Kovacs
Why Your IT Department Should Get Better at Product Management

Patrick Tickle wants your IT department to get better at product management.

In this age of digital transformation, when we all want to get closer to the customer and make our products smarter and more digital, product management is imperative. It requires a product manager who is externally oriented but can still work closely with engineering.

In Patrick’s debut blog for, he outlines the first five tenets of Planview’s Product Manager Manifesto and makes a strong case for IT organizations embracing a product management approach.

He suggests that a focus on customers as well as technology will enable IT to define and drive business strategy, not just support it.

Check out Patrick’s Product Innovation and Technology Strategy blog on

A product management manifesto

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Written by Jane Kovacs

Jane Kovacs is a geek-loving, button-pushing public relations professional who loves shiny, new ideas and finding ways to use technology get the most of your day. She brings more than 20 years’ experience to her role as global PR manager at Planview. Her background includes communication roles at Pennzoil, EDS, AMD, FleishmanHillard, and 3M. She is passionate about helping companies share their stories and connect with customers.