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Technology Roadmaps Bridge This Serious Communication Gap

Vision and Trends, Work Management for Teams

Technology Roadmaps Bridge This Serious Communication Gap

Ah, annual planning season. It’s time to break out those ambitious strategic plans for the new year, but with one small adjustment—this year, bring technology strategy to the forefront with technology roadmaps. See, the unfortunate truth…

Work Management for Teams

2018 Survey Reports Emails Exacerbate Project Management Hurdles

“A new study from Planview found that many project managers report problems with work collaboration that result in negative business impacts.”[1] While the world of work has changed with today’s digital transformation, the need for effective…

Lean & Agile Delivery

The Key to Better Management is to Start Getting Lean

Are your management initiatives as innovative as your products? Shifting to a leadership style that embraces change, pursues agility, and thinks outside of the box can help your company speed innovation. In his latest Product Innovation…

Project Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

Welcome to 2018 … Make This the Year You Ditch the Annual Strategic Plan

As you take another look at your priorities for this brave, new year, Planview CEO Greg Gilmore encourages you to step out of the confines of the annual strategic plan and step into continuous planning to truly deliver on your highest-priority…

Vision and Trends

Why Your IT Department Should Get Better at Product Management

Patrick Tickle wants your IT department to get better at product management. In this age of digital transformation, when we all want to get closer to the customer and make our products smarter and more digital, product management is imperative.…