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Integrations Done Right: Innotas and Dell Boomi Are Committed To Proving Seamless System Integrations

Published By Tim Madewell
Integrations Done Right: Innotas and Dell Boomi Are Committed To Proving Seamless System Integrations

We’re excited to renew our partnership with Dell Boomi for continued success of our integration services. For the past seven years, Innotas has partnered with Dell Boomi, the industry’s first integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to simplify the integration between customer business systems and our Cloud Portfolio Management solutions. Since partnering with Boomi, we have seen higher adoption rates, quicker integration cycles and overall better customer satisfaction from integrated systems using the Boomi AtomSphere® service.

About Our Integrations

Innotas offers integration with any existing system with open APIs with the goal of increased user adoption and higher customer success rates. We do this by utilizing customer’s existing systems to reduce interruption of workflows, allowing end users to stay in the system they are accustomed to, while enabling those that need access to the information to get it. By integrating Innotas into existing systems, customers have seen higher adoption and better visibility into work from other systems. The most common types of integrations we offer include Service Desk software and Agile product development software. This is particularly useful for Project Management Offices (PMOs) that would like insight into their entire work portfolio and resources to roll information up into one centralized system. By integrating a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution like Innotas with existing systems such as these, our customers better utilize their systems and realize more business benefits by leveraging them together, rather than using individual systems and trying to manually merge data.

Why Dell Boomi?

Leveraging Dell Boomi’s pre-built library of connectors and business logic, the Innotas Integration Platform provides central, secure management between Innotas and any cloud and on-premises system. By utilizing Dell Boomi’s Visual Integration Technology™, our in-house integration team can quickly build connectors, enabling customers to reduce their time-to-market while also decreasing the difficulty of managing complex integrations.

For more information about our integration services, take a look at our Integration Webinar presentation.

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Written by Tim Madewell