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1/21 Innovation Cafe Webinar: New Planview IdeaPlace Predictions Module Helps Forecast Innovation ROI

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This past October, we proudly introduced the latest great feature of our Planview IdeaPlaceEngage innovation software: the new Predictions Module, which, when coupled with patented, advanced algorithms, allows organizations to forecast the revenue, time-to-market, and implementation costs associated with an idea. These predictions provide valuable quantitative data that allows organizations to make better business decisions and forecast the ROI of the entire innovation program.

Our Next Innovation Cafe

In our next Innovation Cafe webinar, taking place this Wednesday, January 21st, Mindjet product experts will demonstrate how you can best use Predictions to advance your company’s innovation program. This panel of gurus includes Product VP Milind Pansare, Head of Product Kate Bennet, and Data Scientist Anna Gordon. Attendees will also get:

– An in-depth view of Predictions functionality in the latest Planview IdeaPlace release
– A look into the Crowd Dynamics that help crowds accurately predict outcomes
– A deep dive into the Crowd Science of convergence algorithms in Planview IdeaPlace
– An overview of the Crowd Analytics of visually representing data to help make better decisions

Most innovation programs produce several good ideas, but it’s typically pretty hard to quantify the potential value of any single one of them. But, when the return on investment of ideas can be predicted, it makes it much easier to justify decision making. And if the value of all ideas is known, that means the value of the entire innovation pipeline is also known — and that’s priceless.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for this 1/21 webinar. We look forward to seeing you there!

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