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Spigit’s 12 Days of Innovation: 9 Innovation Thought Leaders from Around the Globe

Published By Guest Blogger

Happy holidays, innovation enthusiasts, and welcome to Spigit’s 12 Days of Innovation! This 2014 spotlight series features hand-picked resources, upcoming events, webcasts, thought leadership pieces, and more to give you an inspirational boost for the coming year. Enjoy!


On the 9th day of innovation, we’d like to share with you: nine compelling innovation thought leaders worth knowing about.

1. Renee Mauborgne: Author, Professor, and Distinguished Researcher

Every now and then, a professional is discovered who boasts a list of accomplishments too long to fathom; Renee Mauborgne is one of them. As an INSEAD Distinguished Fellow, professor of business strategy, member of President Obama’s Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Fellow of the World Economic Forum, it’s shocking that she has time to publish anything, but indeed she has. Her many valuable contributions to research in business strategy, management, innovation, and the knowledge economy can be found in myriad academic publications.Click here to read more.

2. Andrew Reid: Market Researcher, CPO, and Disruption Enthusiast

In 2000, Mr. Reid set out to rock the market research world by founding Vision Critical, a company that sets itself apart by embracing disruptive innovation, visualization, and longitudinal data capture. A regular contributor to Wired’s Innovation Insights blog, he writes about design thinking, game-changing technology, and how tech advancements can both help and hinder innovation.

3. Alex Batchelor: Behavioral Theorist and Chief of Versatility

Having spent time in multiple executive roles including VP, CMO, and COO of a variety of companies, Alex Batchelor is about as well-rounded a thought leader as they come. He delves deep in consumer behaviors and decision making habits in order to leverage them for business advantage, and is leading the pack in decision science and its impact on the future of concept testing.

4. Nicholas Webb: Author, Speaker, and Futurist

As the world renowned author of The Innovation Playbook and The Digital Innovation Playbook, Webb is at the precipice of innovation thought leadership — and, he’s an inventor to boot. From medical technologies to educational toys, he’s been granted over thirty U.S. Patents; he also acts as a business and innovation strategy consultant for companies large and small.

5. Dan Pallotta: TED Speaker, Philanthropist, and International Citizen of the Year

One of the biggest challenges humanity faces in light of new innovations is access; so often, innovation in any industry is a catalyst for profit and growth, meaning that the amazing solutions and services that come about are for paying customers only. Dan Pallotta drives innovation for a very different reason: to help the less fortunate around the globe. From fundraisers to philanthropy, charities, and other non-profit organizations, his mission is monumental but simple: make the world a better place, one innovation at a time.

6. Clayton Christensen: Professor, Author, and Entrepreneur

Christensen is the author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, a groundbreaking narrative that dives deep into the importance of adopting new technologies, embracing disruption, acknowledging but never fearing failure, and throwing out traditional methods. These concepts aren’t just penned — Christensen applies them in his own business practices and activities as a consultant and teacher. Click here to learn more.

7. Soren Kaplan: Writer, Educator, and Speaker

Soren Kaplan is the author of the bestselling book Leapfrogging, a FastCompany contributor, recognized keynote speaker, faculty member at the Copenhagen Business School, and Founder of InnovationPoint. He is widely considered a leading expert in innovation, culture, and disruptive change — not just because he counts Disney and NBC Universal amongst his clients, but because he just so happened to lead the internal strategy and innovation group at Hewlett-Packard during Silicon Valley’s early ’90s glory days.

8. Greg Satell: Unconventional Executive and Digital Tonto

This regular Forbes contributor might have a checkered past, but only in the way that’s made him an ideal thought leader in today’s business innovation world. After a nearly two-decade long career that took him to five different countries and lead him to several diverse roles, he is now one of the primary voices in the digital innovation space and lauded for his hands-on experience and applicable advice.

9. Deborah Mills-Scofield: Strategist, Author, and Top Blogger

Having graduated from Brown University in just three years, it’s expected that Deb Mills-Scofield would be intelligent, and so she is — but she’s also a radical thinker, changemaker, activist, and uniquely altruistic, business-savvy ideator. She’s worked with companies on both the start-up and enterprise scale to integrate innovation programs and processes into their very foundation, been a part of several key breakthroughs for major organizations like AT&T, and acts as a mentor for budding entrepreneurs.

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