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IDC Names Planview AdaptiveWork a Leader in Work Management and Cloud PPM

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

In two recent IDC MarketScape reports, International Data Corporation (IDC) – a leading IT and telecoms market research firm – named Planview AdaptiveWork a Leader in Work Management1 and Cloud PPM2 solutions.

IDC Names Planview AdaptiveWork a Leader in Work Management and Cloud PPM

The research, which involved detailed analysis of the top vendors in each space, called out Planview AdaptiveWork’s intuitive user interface, high degree of configurability, and ease of adoption as some of its most significant differentiators from other leading providers.

What Makes a Leading Work Management and PPM Solution?

IDC explains that any PPM or work management solution must support collaboration, automation, and efficiency across the organization. These are the basic requirements for IDC to consider a solution worth including in its analyses.

Beyond this, both IDC MarketScape reports highlight that Cloud PPM and Work Management solutions must perform well in four essential areas:

  • Easy to use – the need for PPM and work management solutions to be intuitive and easy for all stakeholders to use and understand.
  • Easy to adopt – solutions must be fast and straightforward to set up, integrate with existing systems and technologies, and require minimal training.
  • Configurable – organizations must be able to configure their chosen solution so each team can use it easily without changing existing working processes.
  • Includes proactive reporting and analytics – solutions must include powerful, proactive reporting modules that improve resource usage, coordination, planning, prioritization, and metrics.

Planview AdaptiveWork Delivers Against All Criteria

IDC lists Planview AdaptiveWork as a leader in both work management1 and cloud PPM2 in part because our solutions deliver against all of their essential criteria. In the full versions of the IDC MarketScape reports, IDC explains that Planview AdaptiveWork provides:

  • An easy “on-ramp” to enable day-to-day team-level task management and cross-organizational collaboration.
  • Comprehensive PPM functionality that enables business agility by helping customers deliver collaborative, efficient execution across tasks, projects, products, and portfolios.
  • Highly configurable, coordinated project and portfolio planning and workflow that is easy for users to understand and work with from day one without altering their existing workflows.
  • Instant visibility of a ‘single source of truth’ that helps improve work execution, collaboration, and resource optimization while enabling customers to adapt proactively to market forces.
  • A powerful executive management view for real-time visibility into goals, KPIs, decisions, and actions.

What Makes Planview AdaptiveWork Different?

In its Cloud PPM report, IDC begins its section on Planview AdaptiveWork by listing our solution’s primary strengths:

  • Focus on work management
  • Ease of coordination with collaborative systems of engagement
  • Intuitive interface and ease of use
  • Highly configurable
  • Cost-effective price points

In particular, the report highlights Planview AdaptiveWork’s collaboration and reporting capabilities. Quoting one of the largest reference organizations – a Planview AdaptiveWork customer – the report discusses the benefits of having:

“…moved from fractured approaches to project management to [having] cross-project visibility with current data [so stakeholders can] base decisions on informed information rather than gut feel.”

The report goes on to explain that many references cited Planview AdaptiveWork’s coordination capabilities as a huge benefit. The ability to coordinate work across disparate teams while effortlessly maintaining a single real-time source of truth on all work activities is something Planview AdaptiveWork customers have long reported benefiting from.

This is critical, as the report also notes:

“Much of this kind of information and communication via […] email and social media can be lost typically, resulting in project context that is incomplete and/or outdated and isolating teams and stakeholders.”

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Over time, IDC research has consistently found the biggest barriers to successful PPM adoption are not technical – they are cultural and revolve around resistance to change.

To successfully implement a PPM or work management solution, IDC explains that organizations need an intuitive, configurable, and easy to implement solution.

Once again, both IDC MarketScape reports note that Planview AdaptiveWork comfortably fulfills these criteria. In addition to strong workflow capabilities that adapt easily to organizational process and business needs, IDC highlights Planview AdaptiveWork’s:

  • Customer success team, which provides resources and templates to help customers get up and running quickly and supports extensive customizations.
  • RESTful APIs, which allow customers to integrate directly with popular technologies like SharePoint, Box, Google docs, Salesforce, Jira, ServiceNow, SAP, and many others.
  • Support for agile processes as well as frameworks like Lean, LeSS, and Scrum.

In short, Planview AdaptiveWork breaks down barriers to adoption – particularly change resistance – by supporting teams to work however they like while still providing the collaboration, automation, and efficiency tools needed from a work management or PPM solution.

See How Planview AdaptiveWork Can Benefit Your Organization

Every business has its own unique needs and objectives. On top of that, each team within an organization has its preferred work style, systems, and processes. That’s why having a solution that can optimize team-level performance and easily scale as adoption across the organization increases is essential.

In addition to delivering against all the criteria set out by IDC, Planview AdaptiveWork supports customers in three essential areas:

  • Productivity – Each team is empowered to define and automate their unique processes and templates while collaborating easily across organizational lines.
  • Visibility – Planview AdaptiveWork provides effortless cross-portfolio transparency by providing all stakeholders with access to a real-time ‘single source of truth,’ enabling fast, accurate decision making.
  • Adaptability – Organizations are empowered to change rapidly as needed to meet customer demands as they exist today.

To learn more about how Planview AdaptiveWork can help your organization start maximizing your business impact, watch the online demo today.

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2 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cloud Project and Portfolio Management 2019–2020 Vendor Assessment and IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Work Management – Agile Deployment Enables DX Management (December 2019, IDC #US44483419)

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