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The customization capabilities of Clarizen

Published By Team Clarizen

No two organizations are alike. Even companies in the same industry, with similar numbers of employees and who offer similar products or services, can have radically different approaches to staffing and managing projects. Unique requirements in areas like system integration, or complex relationships with business partners, can create even more differences between outwardly similar businesses.

No two businesses are alike. Clarizen offers a customizable solution.

Clarizen understands that every customer is one of a kind. That’s why our project management and online collaboration tools support a wide range of project management methodologies, and offer configuration options that allow each client to tailor its workflows and user experience. Here’s a look at how some customers are using Clarizen to create customized project management solutions to meet their unique challenges.

Configuration Options

Clarizen is designed to provide a highly flexible, user-friendly environment. An organization’s admin user can take advantage of Clarizen’s configuration options to create a variety of custom elements to help the company manage its projects:

  • Validation Rules
  • Workflow Rules
  • Scheduled Workflow Rules
  • Custom Actions
  • Custom Fields
  • Standard Fields

In addition to admin-level configuration, individual Clarizen users can create specialized views to help them see the information they need, in the format they want to see it. Clarizen’s innovative View Navigator functionality allows users to organize task information, timesheets and other information quickly and easily.

Clarizen Web Services

Many organizations use proprietary systems to collect and process critical business information, but struggle to integrate these systems with their project management solutions. The Clarizen Web Services application programming interface (API) gives you the ability to develop custom applications that integrate the data in the Clarizen repository with outside data, user interfaces or desktop tools. The API is available to enterprise customers and business partners, and supports many different query options and programming languages.

The Clarizen App Marketplace

Looking for a specialized tool but don’t have the time or resources to create your own custom application? The Clarizen Apps Marketplace may be the place for you. The marketplace features hundreds of high-quality add-on applications that expand Clarizen’s capabilities and provide custom functionality:

  • Mobile interfaces like Clarizen for Android and Clarizen for iPhone
  • Integrations with other common tools like JIRA, Excel and Gainsight
  • Specialized project management functions like interactive organization charts, portfolio optimization and time compliance reporting
  • Collaboration and communication tools like Activity Stream and an Outlook add-in

Clarizen’s industry-leading solutions can help your organization work more efficiently and effectively, whether you need basic project management functions or highly specialized custom features.

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Written by Team Clarizen