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How Campbell Soup Company Brings the Best Ideas Forward

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How does a 149 year old company with over 17,000 employees worldwide find valuable ideas to pursue to solve its biggest challenges?

Just ask Jeff George, VP of Americas R&D at one of the top consumer packaged goods companies in the world and Planview IdeaPlace customer, Campbell Soup Company.

Recently, an article on HR Daily Advisor written by George was published highlighting how his team utilizes crowdsourced innovation to surface the best ideas from their employee-base to solve business challenges and uncover opportunities. Not only has this had a profound effect on their culture, it has become a tremendous way of engaging employees.

He shares several insightful tips that has helped his team create a culture where employees feel part of the company’s innovation process, and have the ability to participate and collaborate with each other wherever they are in the world.

Key takeaways

Here are a few key takeaways from the article:

  • Great ideas can come from anyone. By involving your employee-base in innovation not only do you identify new ideas for top business challenges, you improve employee engagement through fostering a culture of inclusion.
  • Keeping innovation in a silo is a big opportunity missed. Opening up the process to the whole company though crowdsourced innovation increases volume and diversity of ideas which are proven to drive better business results
  • The key to success is to ignite passion in employees, through engaging them in the company vision and strategy, rewarding and recognizing their efforts, and empowering them to participate regardless of location, role, etc.

At Planview IdeaPlace, we often talk about how important it is for companies to take advantage of the collective intelligence of their employees. Campbell Soup Company is a perfect example of what happens when a company goes all in on crowdsourced innovation.

Check out the HR Daily Advisor article for more.

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