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What’s on the Minds of Innovation Executives?

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There was no shortage of practical sessions at Planview IdeaPlace’s Ignite 2018 conference.

One session in particular that gave a unique perspective into the minds of executives was the executive panel moderated by Innovation Leader’s Kelsey Alpaio.

The panel consisted of:

  • Rebecca Cameron, VP of Corporate Strategy, Nasdaq
  • Jeff George, VP of Research and Development, Americas, Campbell Soup Company
  • Chris Morris, Chief Innovation Officer, Herbalife

In his article on LinkedIn, Scott Raskin, Planview IdeaPlace’s CEO, highlighted several lessons he took away from the the executive panel, including:

  • The metrics that leadership cares about most
  • The key to addressing cultural barriers to innovation
  • What matters when it comes to getting executive buy-in

One note about executive buy-in: As an innovation leader, it’s important to know how the program you run and challenges you launch map back to your company’s overall strategy.

Part of connecting the dots accurately is understanding the priorities of your company’s executives, which feeds back into company goals. The importance of this was made crystal clear throughout the conference by several speakers, including those on the executive panel.

Ultimately, getting buy-in from your executive team upfront will help your innovation program thrive in the long-term. It’s the the sponsorship you need to get the rest of your company onboard, and it will enable you to focus your energy on driving engagement and delivering results that impact your business.

Read Scott Raskin’s article for more executive panel takeaways and more.

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