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How a Consultancy Business Increased Productivity and Saved Thousands of Man-Hours

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How a Consultancy Business Increased Productivity and Saved Thousands of Man-Hours

For a specialized international consultancy business, productivity and efficient teamwork is critical. TB Spirits Group, a boutique spirits consultancy, was looking to grow its geographically spread client base and launch projects faster.

By adopting a cloud-based project collaboration tool, the firm managed to improve collaboration and productivity. The result has been a saving of over 1 000 man-hours annually across a six person core team.

Based in Chicago, TB Spirits Group helps distillers create successful beverage brands.

“We have no choice but to communicate electronically as we’re rarely within the same four walls or the same country,” says David Large, Strategy and Brand Development Director, TB Spirits Group.

A cloud-based system seemed the most fitting solution for a business split across vast locations and collaborating on a wide range of projects. Taking new beverages from idea to the shelves requires an immediate visibility over project timelines and a seamless communication with the clients.

“Using Excel and email might be ok when you have only a few clients with one or two projects, but we’ve grown rapidly as a business and needed to invest in something more robust.”

TB Spirits Group trialled other solutions at first but chose Projectplace. The unique combination of teamwork on kanban boards and planning in Gantt charts has helped employees plan and execute projects efficiently, increase transparency, and improve communication. For the core team of six consultants and a number of partners, the result has been improved customer satisfaction and a boost in productivity, realizing approximately 1 300 man-hours annually.



Learn more about how TB Spirits Group adopted project collaboration in the cloud.

Read the full case study here

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