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Digital Transformation and the Changing World of Work – A Blueprint to Innovation [Video]


Digital transformation and reinvention are lofty goals for any organization in this constantly changing world of work and resources. Every organization that aspires to rewire and go after new market opportunities has to face the fact that innovation depends upon ideation from within. Transformation is far more than new projects and ideas. You have to know how to operationalize strategic plans and how to get work done whether you work in an Agile or Lean environment. It’s about bringing teams together to collaborate and get more work done every day. It’s these capabilities that enable real transformations.

That’s what the changing world of work is all about. And Planview has been at ground zero for more than a decade with a broad portfolio of offerings that can drive transformation across every part of your organization.


In the above video, Planview Chief Product Officer Patrick Tickle tells us how to unlock innovation across any organization for greater visibility and understanding of delivery and costs. He’ll share insights into how to move everyone in the right direction as fast as possible to deliver the speed needed to enable transformation.

“One of the most unique aspects of Planview is that our breadth of solutions is bringing silos together and connecting them in new ways that ultimately break them down,” he said. “Planview is

the only solution provider that can create cross-functional dialogue on a regular basis to break down silos and enable transformation.”

To check out the full video, click here. For more information, download the eBook, “Deliver Your Digital Transformation Strategy at Speed: An Executive Guide.”

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