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Planview is Leaning into the Changing World of Work with You

Published By Cameron van Orman

Planview is leaning into the changing world of work with you

When we say it’s time to lean in to the changing world of work, know that, here at Planview, we also practice what we preach. We’re leaning into a new way of work as an organization and helping our customers do the same. This means not just selling solutions and talking about the new way of working, but also implementing the same within our own organization—understanding what exactly our customers are also going through in enacting such a business transformation.

Since my first day at the company, I have seen this ring true across every aspect of the business—development to customer care to sales and marketing—and it shows just how deeply we believe and practice what we preach. Walking into sales and marketing team meetings with people talking about ‘PI planning’, ‘Value streams’, ‘Epics’ etc. really solidified this as fact. Planview holds a culture that believes to its core everything we’re putting out into the market around the changing world of work. We truly understand the needs and pain points experienced by our customers.

You’re not the only one navigating change; we’re doing it too.

I, like many in the market, had positive perceptions of Planview prior to joining the company as Chief Marketing Officer. My incoming beliefs consisted of two things:

  1. The company consists of good people; and
  2. They serve competitive Portfolio & Resource Management (PRM) products to the market.

Those beliefs proved to be absolutely true, but a little underestimated on both fronts.

First, the culture goes beyond just the “window dressing.” Sure, coffee machines, snacks, and game rooms are great, but it’s really about the fundamental core of treating people with respect. You need to both empower and enable people to do their best work. That’s the center of a great culture. And Planview doesn’t disappoint. The people are every bit as high energy and hold every bit as much integrity as I’d expected, plus some.

So, yes, the people are good—expectation met. But the culture is really, truly great.

Second, let’s consider the portfolio side. Yes, Planview provides market leading PRM solutions, but I didn’t fully appreciate it until I got here and was able to get a closer look into the other unbelievable assets and capabilities in the portfolio. For instance, the capability and technology management capabilities in Planview Portfolios, the innovation management in Planview Planview IdeaPlace, the enterprise Kanban capabilities within part of the Lean and Agile Solution with Planview AgilePlace, and the Collaborative Work Management in Planview Projectplace.

It’s a much better and broader portfolio than I understood and that I think the market understands.

And in that lies great opportunity. Not only the opportunity for customers to transform across strategy, portfolio, product, project management, and innovation to delivery, but the ability to do it in a Lean and Agile way. With the combination of the portfolio of solutions and the company culture, Planview can help customers in a very pragmatic and practical way, all while remaining flexible to customer realties and where they are in their journey.

Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise Whitepaper

How Planview is different

Many vendors out there have a one-sized fits all, rigid approach to ‘Agile’ delivery, and there are a lot of zealots that make and shame and twist customers into changing their processes to fit the vendors’ framework and beliefs.

But at Planview, there’s a willingness, an understanding, and an empathy to say, “You will have a different way of delivering. That’s totally fine. We’re here to fit you, not to have you fit us.” We’re here to help you transform and adapt to the changing world of work and give you a path to transformation on your own terms—and we’re committed to this future, one hundred percent.

To learn more about how Planview is changing the Lean and Agile Delivery world, check Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise, download the whitepaper. And be sure to visit to see how our team and our solutions can help support your organization along this journey.

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Written by Cameron van Orman Chief Marketing Officer

Cameron van Orman is executive vice president, chief marketing officer, responsible for all aspects of Planview’s global marketing, digital demand generation, and customer marketing. Cameron has more than 20 years of enterprise leadership experience driving transformational change, business agility, and market growth. Prior to joining Planview in 2019, Cameron held senior marketing positions at CA Technologies (now Broadcom), where he was instrumental in the integration of Rally into the CA portfolio and he championed the internal Agile transformation of the CA marketing organization. Cameron also has served in strategic marketing, sales, and operations roles at BlueArc, Pillar Data Systems, Sun Microsystems, and StorageTek. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and math from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and is on the board of the Children’s Diabetes Foundation.