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How to Use Business Transformation to Drive Innovation in the Digital Era [Infographic]

Published By Maura Melis

Use Business Transformation to Drive Innovation in the Digital Era

The face of the professional landscape is always evolving. The modern consumer has an ever-changing list of demands, and organizations without an effective business transformation strategy fail to meet those needs and are often left behind. But how can you facilitate business transformation so that your products and services align with the customers’ needs?

The goal of an effective business transformation campaign is simple—leverage technology to build smart, innovative products. But getting there is often a challenge. Planview recently interviewed more than 450 product developers about their business transformation strategy and learned their strengths, weaknesses, and tips they use to drive innovation. Here’s a snippet of what they found:

  • You need an innovation strategy. Nearly 80% of developers surveyed admitted that gaps between their business transformation strategy and execution impacted their innovation.
  • Product Portfolio Management is essential. 44% of organizations struggle to manage their work and resources effectively—stay on top of your innovation strategy with the help of a Product Portfolio Management (PPM) solution.

Another important part of delivering innovation effectively is promoting cross-team collaboration. Collaborating and sharing data across departments tears down departmental silos, empowering everyone so they can make more informed decisions involving your business transformation and innovation strategies.

Sounds interesting, right? Take a look at the infographic below to see which 5 elements you need to build an effective business transformation campaign from the ground up. To learn even more tips and actionable solutions on how to deliver product innovation, download the 6th Product Portfolio Management Benchmark report today.

Product portfolio management

Product portfolio management

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Maura Melis Written by Maura Melis Marketing Manager

Maura Melis is a demand generation specialist at Planview, focusing on product portfolio management solutions. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA concentrated in marketing with a minor in advertising.