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We Did It Again! Tasktop Named a Leader by GigaOm in Value Stream Management

Veröffentlicht By Neelan Choksi
We Did It Again! Tasktop Named a Leader by GigaOm in Value Stream Management

The value stream management (VSM) market continues to grow at an exponential rate as enterprises recognize that they need to deliver higher quality software faster to compete in today’s world. Last week, a new research paper by GigaOm analyst, Jon Collins, named Tasktop as a leader in value stream management in software delivery. Acknowledging the myriad challenges posed by existing development processes and disconnected toolchains in scaling software innovation, the GigaOm Radar for Value Stream Management report provides further guidance on the necessary capabilities to successfully adopt this critical practice required to be successful in the Age of Software. 

Following the recent leadership positions in both the Forrester New Wave™Value Stream Management Solutions, Q3 2020 und Research In Action Vendor Selection Matrix™ Report – Value Stream Management: The Top Global Vendors 2020 reports on the field, I am extremely proud of the work that the entire Tasktop team has done to be recognized as a leader by GigaOm. Tasktop is the only vendor to be named as a leader in all three of the analyst reports on VSM that have been published in the last three months.

This accomplishment is largely a result of our unique approach, created by Dr. Mik Kersten in his bestselling book Von Projekten zu Produkten. Our perspective on VSM has been built on two decades of software delivery experience working with the most impactful organizations, with the Flow Framework® und Flow-Metriken now considered best practice to execute and guide a VSM journey. The pioneering measurement paradigm provides the industry with visibility for leadership with actionable metrics for teams, closing the feedback loop between IT and the business.

Value Stream Management is a practice that focuses on increasing the flow of business value from customer request to customer delivery. Its systematic approach to measuring and improving end-to-end flow helps organizations shorten time-to-market, increase throughput, improve product quality and optimize for business outcomes.

Best-in-Class in Connecting Software with the Business

It’s a testament to our tireless work that in the report, Tasktop has been named as the leader in innovation, maturity and feature play, with Planview Viz™ highlighted for offering best-in-class capabilities to align software development with the business. Highlighting the ROI potential of VSM, Jon outlines that it’s crucial that enterprises ask themselves what problems they want to solve next and what opportunities they can capitalize on to be more effective.

With Agile and DevOps now table stakes for accelerating the development and delivery of software products, VSM focuses on accelerating end-to-end business value from customer request to operation. Facing rapid adoption by enterprises and other large-scale organizations, VSM can become a core differentiator in supercharging market response and adaptability in a digital-first world.

The foundation of any VSM solution, the GigaOm report emphasizes, is visibility to enable better measurement and management of value streams. Tasktop is highlighted for its ability to connect toolsets to provide a comprehensive end-to-end view into the flow of work that creates and protects business value. As well as receiving full marks as an enterprise-grade SaaS solution, Tasktop was top-rated for:

  • Decision Dashboards
  • Value-based Measurement
  • Value Stream Portfolios
  • Mapping and Modeling Management
  • Flexibility and Usability 
  • Solution Ecosystem
  • Overall ROI/TCO
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No Disruption to the Way You Work

The report also discusses Tasktop’s pure play, standalone VSM platform’s ability to overlay existing tools to support an organization with its operational consistency and stability against an ever-changing software environment. Other notable mentions include Tasktop’s capability to gather real-time data from multiple tools to create value-based metrics for management and other decision-makers.  

Tasktop does not ask customers to change their methodologies, processes, tools or people, making our platform super easy to adopt. The real-time value stream analytics provide immediate and quantifiable improvements to the process of delivering software from end-to-end to continuously meet business outcomes sooner and better. Business and IT leaders now have a common vocabulary to make data-driven decisions with holistic, accurate and up-to-date metrics, as well as the flexibility to create best-of-breed toolchains with seamless workflows that maximize efficiency.

Click on the GigaOm radar below to download a complimentary copy and learn why Tasktop was given the highest possible scores in nine criteria, including overall ROI and total cost of ownership:

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