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Verschiebung von Projekt zu Produkt

How to Assess Maturity in the Shift from Project to Product

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How to Assess Maturity in the Shift from Project to Product

Taking the Pulse on a Multi-Year Initiative 

Back in 2019, 55% of organizations surveyed by Gartner said they are moving from project to product delivery as a way to continuously integrate and deliver new features and capabilities to the business. 

Three years (and one global pandemic later), many more organizations have likely begun the shift, in the hopes of delivering more value faster. If you are among them, you may be wondering how advanced you are in operationalizing this new model and reaping its benefits. 

After all, the shift is a complex, multi-year effort that involves pervasive organizational change. It’s quite easy to lose one’s way or become disoriented, and it requires hard work and perseverance to keep the momentum going. 

Project to Product Maturity Assessment

Navigating the Shift in Five Stages

“By benchmarking your organization’s maturity, you’re taking the first steps toward thriving in an age of digital disruption,” says Tasktop CEO Dr. Mik Kersten, author of the bestselling book, Von Projekten zu Produkten

Based on the principles and framework laid out in Von Projekten zu Produkten, Tasktop created a simple Project to Product Maturity Assessment to help you navigate the journey and orient yourself. 

You’ll answer seven straightforward questions that probe the many dimensions of the shift, such as budgeting, organization, prioritization, risk, and success.

The assessment will identify which stage you are currently in: starting out, experimenting, expanding, operationalizing, or approaching maturity. You’ll also get programmatic recommendations on how to advance to the next stage. 

Following the assessment, you’ll receive a guide to all five stages so you can clearly see the path to your final destination.

Take the Assessment

Reaching Consensus on What Comes Next

In large organizations, people in different roles and portfolios may have different perceptions of your maturity. That fact alone can stall or derail an initiative of this size. 

Tasktop recommends asking multiple people within the organization to take the assessment to bring those different opinions to light. The results will enable fruitful discussions about the challenges you may be facing as you try to get off the ground, begin experimentation, or expand to larger swaths of the organization. Bring in as many perspectives as possible and work together to reach a consensus and plan what to focus on next.

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