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Are Teams Destined to Fail at Project Collaboration? [Infographic]

Moving beyond your legacy solutions

Are Teams Destined to Fail at Project Collaboration? [Infographic]
View the complete infographic on Projectlab
View the complete infographic on Projectlab

In today’s project-driven work environment, collaborating is a way of life – no matter if “project manager” is in your official title or not. Most workers must constantly communicate and collaborate to move multiple projects forward. These “accidental” project managers are more common than ever – perhaps as many as a third of your colleagues. And I’ve had the chance to speak to many project leads that say that although “project manager” is not their title, they manage and collaborate on multiple projects per year. What contributes to project collaboration failure?

Interestingly, this is just one of the findings from a study on project collaboration conducted by Chief Researcher Maureen Carlson from Appleseed Partners. She polled 200 professionals based in North America who manage and participate in projects.

Take a look at this infographic which summarizes the key findings. It highlights answers to these relevant questions:

  • How many weeks per year are lost due to poor project collaboration?
  • What are five reasons that teams fail to collaborate?
  • Why is technology failing project teams?
  • What are the top three tools used daily for collaboration?
  • What are the four must-haves for project collaboration?

Does the information presented describe your experience leading or participating in team projects? Share it with you colleagues and see if they agree.

If you find this topic interesting, register for the webinar with Jason Morio, project collaboration expert titled Project collaboration: moving past the hurdles of your legacy solutions. Registering gets you a first look at the complete survey eBook.

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Nikki Glaser
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Nikki Glaser is responsible for developing awareness and driving demand for Planview’s project collaboration software, Projectplace. Nikki has been involved in many different roles including marketing programs, events, integrated marketing and demand generation that have helped her develop into the modern marketer she is today. She graduated from Western Michigan University with a BA in Advertising.