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The Best Apps in Planview AdaptiveWork’s Apps Marketplace

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

If you’re already using Planview AdaptiveWork’s cloud-based project management software, then your business has likely seen more streamlined operations, greater transparency and engagement and increased productivity as a result. But did you know you can do even more when you choose to integrate some of the many extras offered through the Planview AdaptiveWork apps marketplace?

There are, of course, many useful marketplace apps to choose from, like scalable JIRA integration that syncs details of project management and product launches, just for example. If you’re not quite sure where to get started, here are some of the top apps from the Planview AdaptiveWork apps marketplace and how they can benefit your business.

Slide Publisher

PowerPoint presentations are an essential tool in modern business, providing a visual counterpoint to professional proposals that helps engage an audience and impart valuable information. Whether you’re using PowerPoint365, PowerPoint for Windows or PowerPoint for Mac, Slide Publisher helps you easily integrate Planview AdaptiveWork data and upload your entire presentation to Planview AdaptiveWork.

Org Chart

Productivity relies on several factors, including knowing the hierarchical structure of company staff. Whether you’re working directly with a team on a project or you need to know who to contact on promotional, sales, accounting or payroll teams to fulfill specific needs, the Org Chart app can provide the information you need, including a name, image, job title, associated team members, direct manager and direct reports for every employee. Consider it a beefed-up company directory.

Daily Trend Snapshots

Charting the progress of any project must take into account several components. With the Daily Trend Snapshots app, you can compare planned work, work completed (as well as percent complete), work remaining (as well as percent remaining), expected progress, unapproved timesheets and overall status of the project.  This is calculated daily and you can also view the project history to track progress over time.

Portal Page

Any time you can streamline a process, cut out unnecessary steps and improve ease of use, you stand to boost productivity in the process. Portal Page is one of the best marketplace apps for creating an intuitive user experience. The app provides four sample backgrounds for your portal landing page, which you can easily replace with branded, company imagery. There is also a headline area where you can provide the text of your choice, such as a welcome message or announcement.  From there you’ll customize three buttons that direct users.

The simple layout and functionality are designed for elegance and intuitive use, and you can even choose to provide this portal landing page to all users or to specific profiles only.

Periodic Project Report

Long gone are the days when project managers had to rely on a stack of updates from team members to track the progress of a given project. Periodic Project Report from the Planview AdaptiveWork apps marketplace generates reports on essential project information, including an overview of the roadmap for the project, details on milestones, risks, requests, bugs and timesheet reports, so you always know the status of your project.


Cloud-based management software benefits your company in a variety of ways, from automating business processes and customizing workflows, to sharing resources and project data, to providing the real-time visibility needed to make accurate and informed decisions. The marketplace apps offered by Planview AdaptiveWork only help to enhance your management software and solve issues that could impact your productivity.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork