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Your path to work and resource management

Vision and Trends

Trying to Halt Innovation? Keep on Saying Yes

Businesses are under increasing pressure to swiftly innovate, execute digital transformation programs and deliver fast enough to meet growth objectives. Yet this year’s 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study…


Five Essential Insights for Maximizing Limited Resources

Based on The 2014 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Report Some of you may be skeptical at the title of my blog post. Can the resource dilemma be solved and even mastered? You’re not alone if the norm at your organizations looks like…

Product Development

Innovation Demands Better Resource Capacity Planning and Management

Steady, continuous innovation and timely product delivery are only possible when the right resources are available at the right times to work on products. Innovation demands better resource capacity planning and management. If you’ve…

Product Development

The State of Product Portfolio Management in Europe

More than 500 product development professionals participated in a global survey on the state of product portfolio management in Europe. The outcome is the Fourth Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Study which provides product development…

Product Development

Your Guide to Mature Capacity Planning and Resource Management

#4 & #5 Characteristics of Mature Organizations in the Areas of Capacity Planning and Resource Management I’m back to uncover two more characteristics shown by organizations that have mature capacity planning and resource management…

Product Development

Benchmark Your Organization’s Innovation Maturity Level

Interested in knowing where your organization ranks in innovation leadership? Here’s an opportunity to do that and more. Participate in the Fourth Product Portfolio Management Study. For the fourth time since 2009, we’re…