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Benchmark Your Organization’s Innovation Maturity Level

Published By Maureen Carlson
Benchmark Your Organization’s Innovation Maturity Level

Interested in knowing where your organization ranks in innovation leadership? Here’s an opportunity to do that and more. Participate in the Fourth Product Portfolio Management Study.

For the fourth time since 2009, we’re surveying product-centric organizations around the globe to gain feedback on key trends in the industry as well as opportunities and challenges product organizations are facing.

This year, we are breaking new ground with in-depth survey questions on:

  • Innovation capacity today and plans for the future
  • Key criteria used to evaluate product ideas and opportunities
  • Timeliness of decision-making to “kill” products at the right time in the commercialization process

These among other questions will provide an illuminating picture into the current state of the product development environment.

innovation leadership

Additionally, we’ve included a new innovation maturity model that enables us to assess the impact that investments in people, process and tools have on innovation.

This study has become a key benchmark for product development organizations seeking to apply portfolio management practices and solutions to the product development process. The last survey was conducted in early 2012 with participation by hundreds of product development executives from around the globe. This year, we expect even stronger participation this time with the expanded focus on innovation.

Be part of the results and benchmark with your peers!

We invite you to take 10 minutes to participate in the survey and receive the full report for qualified participants upon availability later in the Fall of 2013.

We are very excited to uncover new insights from this year’s study. You don’t want to miss out on what this study will reveal as well as our recommendations and best practices that always come as part of our analysis.

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Written by Maureen Carlson

Maureen Carlson a Partner at Appleseed Partners, has been providing strategic marketing services for 20 years including market research, product marketing, positioning, and how to develop effective demand generation programs. Maureen’s B2B technology experience spans from emerging companies to larger established brands. Maureen has conducted three research studies sponsored by Planview for product development as well as for other markets, is an active guest blogger, and participates in the development of new market strategies with the company.