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Innovation Demands Better Resource Capacity Planning and Management

Published By Maureen Carlson
Innovation Demands Better Resource Capacity Planning and Management

Steady, continuous innovation and timely product delivery are only possible when the right resources are available at the right times to work on products. Innovation demands better resource capacity planning and management.

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of having “too many projects for our resources”, you won’t want to miss the data uncovered from this body of global research. Appleseed Partners are conducting the second research study on The State of Capacity Planning and Resource Management. Planview is sponsoring the research.

Initial Research Shows That the Resource Dilemma is Solvable

Based on the qualitative findings of the study to-date, some of the most mature companies in these two key areas of capacity planning and resource management are overcoming the resource dilemma. They report that they are no longer taking on too many projects for their resources due to a data-driven, rigorous front-end process, consistent capacity planning, and the use of the right tools to align resources to high priority product development. The initial research in this area, conducted less than two years ago, uncovered very few (if any) companies experiencing this level of maturity and business value: which is to better utilize resources for timely product portfolio and innovation.

Data, Data, Data

The quantitative data from this year’s online survey is key to finding out:

  • Where companies rank on this maturity scale and how many are effectively addressing the resource dilemma
  • Top pain points and business risks
  • Visibility into resources, project estimate accuracy, ability to conduct what-if scenarios for critical decision-making
  • Characteristics and best practices of companies mastering capacity planning and resource management to support product and innovation efforts
  • Recommendations and a roadmap to improve and realize more productivity from precious, finite resources

Several hundred companies have participated already and we need more product development and R&D leaders to share their experience! Stay tuned to Product Pulse for details and get your copy of the 2013 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study now.

Questions about the Research? Contact me at [email protected] or @mocarlson.

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Written by Maureen Carlson

Maureen Carlson a Partner at Appleseed Partners, has been providing strategic marketing services for 20 years including market research, product marketing, positioning, and how to develop effective demand generation programs. Maureen’s B2B technology experience spans from emerging companies to larger established brands. Maureen has conducted three research studies sponsored by Planview for product development as well as for other markets, is an active guest blogger, and participates in the development of new market strategies with the company.