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Advance Enterprise Agility in 2021

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Published By Emily Peterson
Advance Enterprise Agility in 2021

With organizations globally making a rapid shift to remote work, many businesses are starting to embrace enterprise agility to work cross-functionally to better plan and deliver value to customers, faster. It’s important that organizations become familiar with Agile transformation, Lean budgeting, and Lean Portfolio Management to maximize the success of their transformation journey. We produced a lot of content focused on enterprise agility this year, but below is the compilation of the best content for organizations and individuals that are looking to learn more. These pieces are a great starting point for an Agile transformation to grow through 2021 as an Agile organization. For those organizations well on their Agile transformation journey, these assets can prove helpful to brush up on best practices and continue the momentum to a Lean-Agile enterprise.

Become an Agile Leader [eBook]

Agile leadership is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful Agile transformation. Scaling Agile within your organization is difficult because leaders must navigate the shift from siloed teams to cross-functional Agile teams, overcome organizational bureaucracy and more. This eBook takes a deep dive into the four areas of improvement that organizations need to address to scale Agile. It also covers the unique characteristics Agile leaders must embody to effectively scale Agile within their organization.

Agile Transformation and the Proven Benefits [Video]

Enterprises globally are much more receptive to an Agile transformation, but they still lack complete understanding regarding why their organization should adopt Agile. This video helps outline the tangible benefits of adopting Agile; some of the benefits mentioned included increased employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and improved operational performance.

The 2 Types of Value Streams [eBook]

Value streams contain all the people and skills needed to deliver value to a customer for a product or service. This ebook covers the two types of value streams, how organizations can differentiate them, and how to use OKRs to align with value streams. These learnings help organizations scale Agile effectively by looking at their current set up and rethinking the organizational structure.          

How to Identify Your Value Streams [eBook]

Identifying a value stream is crucial to understanding your customer’s needs and delivering value effectively. Inability to identify the correct value stream can lead to misalignment, delay in deliverability, and unhappy customers. This eBook covers how organizations can identify correct value streams, how to leverage value stream funnels, and the basics of Agile Release Trains (ARTs) or teams of teams. This gives organizations a better understanding of what their value streams are and how they can leverage to increase customer satisfaction.

Lean Portfolio Management for the Enterprise [Whitepaper]

This whitepaper is one of the best resources for enterprises that are curious or are starting to explore the benefits of Lean Portfolio Management. Lean Portfolio Management empowers organizations to connect strategy with delivery through the use of incremental and continuous planning and funding processes. The whitepaper thoroughly discusses how Lean Portfolio Management drives strategic and investment funding, Agile operations, and Lean governance.

The Challenges of Agile Software Development Costing and Capitalization [eBook]

An often under discussed aspect of adopting Agile is calculating the financial costs and capitalizing on Agile delivery. Although Agile is beneficial for developing products faster, many executives are unaware of the actual cost of Agile software development. This eBook goes in-depth on Agile costing and capitalization and how organizations reap more benefits from delivering in an Agile fashion. After reading this eBook, you will be equipped with the information needed to fund, budget, and manage the costs of running an Agile organization.        

7 Stages of Lean Budgeting [eBook]

A great benefit of using Agile is the ability to quickly adapt to the market and any other abrupt changes. While this is very beneficial for Agile teams, organizations need to consider Lean budgeting techniques to keep up with the changes that arise from faster delivery and pivots needed to meet customer/market demands. Lean budgeting enables organizations to minimize costs and overhead while equipping Agile teams with the funds needed to deliver value to the customer. This guide teaches organizations how to implement the different stages of Lean budgeting.

Gartner 2020 Enterprise Agile Planning Tools Magic Quadrant [Analyst Report]

Planview is a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Enterprise Agile Planning Tools Magic Quadrant. This quadrant showcases the top software vendors that help organizations on their path to enterprise agility. This report helps organizations explore the best criteria when selecting a vendor to partner with.

Happy viewing and reading!

We hope you enjoy reading through the array of content on enterprise agility mentioned above. These resources will help you crush Q4 and start the calendar year fully embracing Agile. To learn more about how your organization can use Agile, explore our resource center here.

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Written by Emily Peterson Sr. Demand Generation Manager

Emily Peterson is a Demand Gen Manager for Planview's Enterprise Agile Planning Solution, focusing on helping organizations achieve agility on their terms and timeline. She uses her professional experience in Agile marketing (as the RTE) to leverage new ways of working across the organization, connecting all parts of the business to the overall goals of the organization.