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Brandon is a content strategist at Planview. Before coming aboard, he spent 5 years writing about Agile project management. He truly believes that core values like empathy, communication, and learning from mistakes make Agile more than just a business philosophy--they make Agile principles a life skill.

How a Top Telecom Company Adopted Demand Management Software and Streamlined Their Projects

Demand management software helps companies improve productivity, reduce bottlenecks, and make better-informed decisions. It can transform the way organizations plan and execute projects. But there’s a catch. If employees don’t know how to use this technology, there’s no point in implementing it. For all the time and resources organizations invest in new software, they often...

How Akamai Uses IT Portfolio Management Software to Empower Executives

IT portfolio management software is known for helping PMOs evaluate and track multiple active projects. But it can also be used to effortlessly provide executives with high-level, global data that enhances their strategic decision-making process. Take Akamai Technologies as an example. They’re a leading content delivery network services provider for media and software. Akamai implemented...

Using Biotech Project Management Software to Drive Value

Today we’re going to look at how a global biotech company used biotech project management software to drive greater business value. The company is known around the world for its groundbreaking molecular diagnostic testing capabilities. They provide hospitals and doctor’s offices with fast and accurate tests for COVID-19, tuberculosis, and other types of illnesses. “We...