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Become a Modern PMO That Empowers Your Organization

Discover 4 Webinars for Driving Value and Adapting to Change

Published By Brandon Harville

In this post, we’ll show you how to become a modern PMO that enables your organization to adapt to an ever-changing professional landscape.

You’ll learn how to adopt a modern approach that keeps up with the speed of business. That way, you can ensure alignment, drive continuous improvement, and help your company become more responsive to change and disruptions.

We’ve included four webinars in this post to help you make this shift. After watching them, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  • Capacity planning: Driving flexibility in resource capacity planning to determine whether you have the right people and teams to meet your demand
  • Portfolio planning and funding: How your organization can prioritize and fund the right outcomes
  • Visibility and governance: Adopting a data-driven approach to measure performance and adjust plans when needed
  • Empowering teams: How to support your teams to improve collaboration and value delivery

But first, let’s look at the key benefits that come from transitioning into a modern PMO.

Why You Should Become a Modern PMO

Business is constantly changing ­­­­– and the PMO role is evolving alongside it.

The need to manage that change is more important than ever. 

Accelerating product cycles, technology disruptions, and a growing remote workforce are testament that we need to modernize the way we plan, prioritize, and execute projects.

Becoming a modern PMO enables you to:

  • Drive value throughout your organization
  • Reduce the time to market
  • Keep products aligned with customer expectations

Making the transition is vital to helping your organization achieve its business goals in the face of change.

These four webinars will show you pragmatic steps and approaches to elevate the PMO’s journey. See how to drive more value and agility, as well as how to maximize the benefits of becoming a modern PMO.

You’ll also learn how to overcome common challenges as you move away from a traditional mindset. Let’s get started.

5 Practices to Drive Flexibility in Resource Planning

Flexibility is an important characteristic of a modern PMO. It’s crucial to be able to quickly adapt to demand and prioritization changes – and how you plan and manage people resources can determine your ability to handle these pivots.

This webinar shows you how to create and maintain planning flexibility across resources and teams as needs change. You’ll learn five best practices to help your organization improve adaptability and keep work aligned with company goals.

You’ll also learn how to overcome key challenges when moving from traditional to modern PMO practices. These challenges include:

  • Inaccurate capacity
  • Skills gaps that could undermine your progress
  • Increased risk of not having the right teams and resources

Access the on-demand webinar here to learn more.

4 Approaches to Shift to Adaptive Portfolio Planning and Funding

This webinar shows you how adaptive portfolio planning enables your organization to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve responsiveness to change
  • Keep funding and governance aligned with company priorities

Undertaking the adaptive journey across planning and funding will enable you to become a strategic driver of business outcomes within your organization.

Want to learn how to achieve those benefits by becoming a modern PMO? This webinar shows you how to:

  • Plan in a way that aligns with customer preferences and mirrors changing priorities in the market
  • Invest in projects based on their value and whether they align with your greater business strategy
  • Measure progress in increments to see whether your initiatives are delivering value to the organization

What’s more, you can use Planview’s modern and adaptive Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution to ensure your company’s strategy stays connected to your PMO’s delivery of execution, proving value of the PMO to the business.

Access the on-demand webinar here to learn more.

3 Positive Side Effects of Enhanced Visibility and Streamlined Governance

This webinar discusses the importance of moving away from top-down governance with several rigid layers and process checkpoints.

The modern PMO uses adaptive governance, which provides “just enough governance” to ensure success while resolving conflicts that threaten on-time delivery. You can achieve this by empowering teams to:

  • Make their own decisions
  • Decide how they’re going to execute work
  • Bring in prioritized backlog items

Teams determine their workflow processes and how they want to prioritize work that aligns with the company’s strategic objectives.

Learn how to provide flexible governance while helping the organization answer two important questions:

  • Where do we want to go?
  • How do we know if we’re getting there?

You can do this by using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to set goals and measure your progress.

Access the on-demand webinar here to learn more.

4 Ways to Connect and Empower Teams

The final webinar looks at how improving collaboration and empowering your teams are vital characteristics of becoming a modern PMO. You’ll learn about the benefits of helping teams thrive and deliver work in a continually changing environment.

The webinar introduces four actionable steps for setting your teams up for success, so they continue to deliver value to the organization.

In addition to these strategies, this webinar also covers common obstacles you may face when connecting and empowering teams. You’ll learn how to identify and overcome these obstacles so you can increase visibility and become more agile.

Access the on-demand webinar here to learn more.

Discover how to navigate the change from a traditional to a modern PMO. Download our eBook titled “The Insider’s Guide to Modern PPM.”

Become a Modern PMO That Propels Your Organization Forward

The traditional PMO’s focus on standardization and predictability is outdated. PMOs that fail to move beyond traditional practices will experience even more challenges ahead, or worse yet – fall short of showing value and risk potential disbandment.

By transitioning to a modern PMO, you’ll experience benefits such as:

  • Greater agility that allows you to thrive in an ever-changing professional landscape
  • Better alignment between projects and the company’s strategy and goals
  • Improved collaboration and communication between your teams

The four webinars in this post will help you modernize your PMO and drive business value in the face of constant change.

Register today for an on-demand demo to see how Planview’s Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution can empower your organization during its transformation journey.

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Written by Brandon Harville

Brandon is a content strategist at Planview. Before coming aboard, he spent 5 years writing about Agile project management. He truly believes that core values like empathy, communication, and learning from mistakes make Agile more than just a business philosophy--they make Agile principles a life skill.