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5 elements of a truly killer project management mobile app

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

There’s one thing that sales and marketing professionals neglect at their peril: end users are the ultimate authority when it comes to determining whether product promises are justified – or jokes. And one of the most vivid illustrations of this principle has to do with so-called “killer” project management mobile apps.
Why so-called? Because it seems like everyone claims to offer a killer project management app: from big companies with plenty of resources, to solo developers on shoestring budgets. But again Planview AdaptiveWork Project Management Mobile App(and fortunately) it’s end users – and not vendors – who decide whether the “killer” adjective is warranted. 
And so, based on what end users are buying and recommending, as well as rejecting and criticizing, below we highlight the 5 elements of a truly killer project management mobile application:
1.  Full Functionality
The project management mobile app must deliver the full functionality of the web-based version, including: work management, time/expense management, file management, collaboration, customer communication, and more. If it’s not categorically enterprise-grade, then it’s unworthy of being called a business tool. 
2. Consistent Journey
End users often have multiple devices at their disposal, and don’t want to be forced to use one vs. the other when they need to get work done. As such, the project management app must deliver a seamless journey across all devices by maintaining configuration consistency.
3. Configuration & Alignment
The project management mobile app must allow teams and individuals to easily configure layout and views, and align with actions, approval processes, workflows, and business rules as defined in the web app. Having to re-configure with each login is a non-starter.
4. Leverage Built-in Device Capacity
Mobile devices can do things that laptops and computers can’t. The project management app must leverage these built-in advantages by making use of the camera, text messaging, calling capacity, contact database, and so on. 
5. Speed and Simplicity
Last but certainly not least: the project management mobile app must be refreshingly simple to use, and rapidly deliver the information that end users need while on-the-go, such as discussion feeds and status updates.

Clarizen’s Project Management Mobile App: Killer Status Approved

At Planview AdaptiveWork, our project management mobile app has legitimately earned killer status from hard-to-impress end users in enterprises worldwide. Our solution offers the full functionality of our web app, ensures a consistent journey between devices, supports pre-set configuration and alignment, leverages built-in device capacity, and is both fast and simple to use.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork