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The 12 Days of Project Misery

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Whether it’s one of your classic favorites — or even if it’s not on your top 20 list — it’s nearly impossible to experience the holiday season without hearing “The 12 Days of Christmas” many (many) times.

12 Days of Project Misery

However, sometimes life isn’t full of wonder, joy and partridges in pear trees — like when project managers are forced to use outdated, tedious or just plain dysfunctional project management software. Here’s what that unhappiness sounds like:

THE 12 DAYS OF PROJECT MISERY (sung to the tune of “the 12 days of Christmas”):

In the 12 days of misery
my outdated project management software gave to me:
a big batch of dreaded spreadsheets,
two thousand emails,
three pointless status meetings,
four screaming stakeholders,
fiiiiiiiive conflicting updates!
Six checked-out team members,
seven overdue timesheets,
eight outdated reports,
nine missing documents,
ten needless notifications,
eleven misallocated resources,
twelve reasons to quit and join the circus.

Read (and sing!) the response from Planview AdaptiveWork: click here.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork