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Without You, There Is No 12. That Is the Answer.

Published By Louise Allen
Without You, There Is No 12. That Is the Answer.

We have a saying here at Planview. We’ve been saying it so long that it’s become part of our culture. One person starts it, another finishes it.

Without You, There Is No Us

Our CEO, Greg Gilmore, coined it years ago. He was addressing our customers at a user conference. He took these words back with him to the office, because they also apply to each of us here, working to make the products our customers use.

I was thinking about this as I asked my team about the progress of our recent product releases – Planview Enterprise 12 and Troux 12.

A product launch is the capstone to a massive undertaking. Starting from a long (LONG) list of possibilities, we zeroed in on what we heard our customers told us they needed to do most to make their strategies achievable.

If you’ve been following “The Answer is 12” blog post series, you will have picked up that our customers play a huge role in our product launch evolution. Our Inner Circle program is unique in how it creates interaction between those who set the direction for the products and those who use these products every day.

Without You, There Is No 12

To me, actively listening to our customers is one of Planview’s defining differences. And in my experience, doing so helps us achieve feedback like this:

“I love seeing what Planview Enterprise is capable of and can support the complexity of our organization to use the power and build the connections in a visual way.”
– Global manufacturing company

“The ability to easily align programs and projects to our strategic goals and track our progress against baselines is a real game changer for us. Being able to pull project milestones into the program view is quite simply brilliant.”
– Insurance company

The saying applies to my team as well. These are amazing individuals care deeply about “their” customers, towards whom they feel a deep sense of commitment and responsibility. You’ve met these folks in the “The Answer is 12” blog posts; in case you missed any of their posts, here are some highlights:

AuthorBio and Links
Kent OdlandKent Odland, our dedicated product manager for reporting and analytics, brought to life the process by which Planview Enterprise analytics became even easier to use, key for strategic decision making.
Carina HatfieldCarina Hatfield, our steadfast product manager for planning for Planview Enterprise, shared her thoughts on how portfolio management can help companies use portfolio management to make digital transformation real, drive innovation through strategic planning, and use programs to execute on strategy.
Marcus KleinMarcus Klein, our unshakeable director of product management, shone a light on the topic of user experience, illuminating a process we started several years ago – one we know will continue as long as our product evolves as we seek to make our products easier to use for everyone.
Jeff EllerbeeJeff Ellerbee, our stalwart solutions manager for Troux, discussed how to get the best picture of your EA landscape, and how customers helped shape new visualizations that drive business decisions more effectively.
Scott TownshendScott Townshend, our committed product manager for execution for Planview Enterprise, makes a strong case for that hidden hero, the timesheet, and why it’s the foundation of so much in your portfolio – including how you drive your strategy. He also tells you how we redesigned it for Planview Enterprise 12.

(These are obviously just a few of the postings for the recent launches – I’ll include links for all of them at the bottom of this post.)

If you asked me to summarize my thoughts about all of this – the products, my team, this company, our customers, and what we’re all building together – in just a few words… I would have thought it would be difficult, and then I re-read Marcus’ user experience post. What he said there captures my sentiments perfectly:

How would I summarize my experience so far?

It’s a journey.
We’re never done.
That’s what makes this fun!

If you are a Planview customer: truly, without you, there would be no us. Thank you for being part of our extended family. Thank you for helping us build better products. And if there’s something you’d like to see: please let me know!

And now, I think I’m going to take my entire devoted, downright fanatical team out for a well-deserved drink!

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Written by Louise Allen Chief Product Officer

With more than 20 years of experience in all facets of bringing technology products to market, Louise leads the product management and solutions marketing teams for Planview, responsible for product strategy, positioning and roadmap for all three of Planview’s product lines. She is also a proud sponsor of Women at Planview, an initiative that champions diversity in the workplace and the community. Louise joined Planview from Quickarrow, where, as Vice President of Product Strategy, her efforts drove the company from self-funded startup to consistently profitable. Prior to this, she held leadership positions with companies including Tivoli Systems, an IBM company, and NetQoS. Louise received her BS in Business Administration from Trinity University, and her MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.