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What EA Software Was Co-Developed by Enterprise Architects?

The answer is 12

Published By Jeff Ellerbee
What EA Software Was Co-Developed by Enterprise Architects?

In my 15 years with Troux, we’ve stood at the forefront of enterprise architecture software development and we’ve never done it alone.

Our customers’ input has always been a big factor in our overall direction. Before, our process was simply to ask, listen and create. Now, as a part of Planview, we’re taking things a step further. We want more than just our customers’ opinions. We want them to be our partners in development.

With the release of Troux 12, we have reached a new milestone for customer success: the adoption of Planview’s Inner Circle community for joint-customer development. With the Inner Circle program, we have the opportunity to directly connect to our customers — the people who know the use cases and capabilities of our product — and incorporate their feedback during the development process itself.

Here’s how it works:

  • Typically, an Inner Circle convenes for each release.
  • The Inner Circle focuses on specific features of the Troux product line, working directly with our product managers to hone requirements for enhancement areas.
  • Members meet with our product management and development teams once each month to preview specific features related to the Inner Circle subject area.
  • Members’ comments are incorporated into the development process.
  • Changes are then incorporated into the software, available for Inner Circle members to review during the next monthly meeting.

In developing Troux 12, we convened an Inner Circle of 20 customers around application portfolio management. These users came from our broad customer base, in industries ranging from aerospace and retail to health care and banking. We combined their years of field testing with best practices of our consulting team, resulting in customer-driven enhancements that will accelerate time to value.

It was exciting to take part in this process and see new developments firsthand. Our customers said what makes the Inner Circle program so valuable is its focus on one particular area at a time. They get a feeling of real accomplishment, knowing what they’re developing with us isn’t some abstract feature for future products. It’s happening now, in real time, and they are just as committed to seeing it through as we are.

Finally, version 12 marks a change in the release cadence for Troux, from annually to biannually. Now, we’re better able to more frequently incorporate customer feedback and accurately prioritize the changes and additions that need to be made. The end result is a cycle of continual improvement and an optimum product for our users.

The answer is 12 – Troux 12.

Check back for additional information on APM and visualizations in Troux 12.

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Written by Jeff Ellerbee

Jeff Ellerbee, Solutions Consultant for Planview Enterprise One Capability and Technology Management. Jeff has helped customers be successful with CTM in the US and UK for 14 years. Jeff is a technical sales leader with more than 19 years of experience creating and selling software. He has designed, built, and successfully marketed five enterprise software products and a healthcare automation device for several venture-backed companies. Jeff is a software engineer turned sales engineer who has progressively shifted toward greater revenue generating responsibilities, taking on new challenges, creating more value for his customers and earning greater personal rewards.