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Product Portfolio Management in the Digital Era [Webinar]

Refining your innovation strategy

Published By Elsa Dithmer
Product Portfolio Management in the Digital Era [Webinar]

It’s no secret that today’s business climate is fast moving and highly competitive. Products are becoming increasingly complex, existing in both digital and physical forms, making it difficult to advance market-driven, differentiated product portfolios. Not only that, but they face every day challenges of making the most out of geographically distributed resources and satisfying customers who have ever-rising expectations and are less brand loyal. Companies must refine the way they adopt and bring products to market if they want to achieve a comprehensive innovation focus that speaks to product, processes, and services. Easy, right? The demands of this changing business climate may seem insurmountable, but not with the “right-size” solution. Where do you start?

Learning to Manage Your Product Portfolio In a Digital Era

In the webinar, Learning to Manage Your Product Portfolio in the Digital Era, Nate Fleming, Analyst Serving CIOs, and Carrie Nauyalis, Innovation and NPD Solution Evangelist, share how the right software can guide firms through this complex business environment. With the new age of digital product management and development, companies are expected to:

  • Augment experiences provided by physical products with software products;
  • Enable product customization to meet personalized customer expectations;
  • Maximize the potential value of their product portfolio; and
  • Accelerate time to market

The benefits of product portfolio management are real. It creates value for product organizations not only by enabling faster innovation, better decision making, and faster time to market, but also brings geographically dispersed teams together, including business and technical stakeholders, for improved collaboration and communication. There are many solutions out there so how do you narrow down the right one?

I also really like this blog: Advancing Product Innovation: Why Right Size is Better than Supersize. It talks about how companies should assess their organization’s innovation maturity to define current state and future state to determine what solution and capabilities would be the best fit.

Sure, the digital era may seem intimidating—it requires some strategic adjustment—but by leveraging the proper product portfolio management solution, your business can stay on top of trends and meet customer demands, all while managing a market-driven, differentiated product portfolio. Doesn’t get much better than that.

I invite you to participate in the September 14 webinar for a deeper dive into this subject matter.  I’d like to hear from you. Share your best practices for managing products and product portfolios in the digital era.

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Written by Elsa Dithmer

Elsa Dithmer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Spanish and Portuguese. She is a passionate and well-rounded marketing professional that always brings an energetic, creative, and anything-is-possible attitude to demand driving, nurturing, and retention marketing programs. Currently focused on programs for Innotas by Planview.